Marquise Diamonds: Does It Resonate with You

The shape of a diamond can resonate with a customer in various ways. Some people might simply be drawn to a specific diamond for its aesthetic appearance. 

Different diamond shapes can elicit different emotions and feelings. This is what makes the timeless beauty of the marquise diamond the perfect choice for an engagement ring. The marquise diamond is distinguished by its long thin pointed shape. 

It gives the impression that the stone is larger than it actually is. A marquise diamond, like the emerald cut, gives the wearer’s hands and fingers the appearance of being longer and slimmer. 

Marquise diamonds are thought to be elegant, sophisticated, and unique. The shape of the diamond is often considered to be a symbol of a willingness to stand out from the crowd. 

Women who wear marquise diamonds could be seen as confident and daring. They have a strong sense of personal flair. Since marquise diamonds are known for their spectacular sparkle, this makes them a well-known choice for people who like to be the center of focus. 

The historic nature of the marquise cut makes it the perfect option for a timeless and elegant engagement ring. It has a long history of being linked to romance and glamor. 

Marquise diamonds continue to be a popular option for couples who wish to show their love with a classic and exquisite piece of jewelry. The diamond cut was often used for engagement rings and other types of jewelry. It has been a crowd pleaser, and continues to do so. 

Throughout history, we have seen powerful people wear diamonds. This serves as a representation of their invincibility and power. Diamonds have also symbolized good health. 

They are a symbol of longevity and heart health. Like all diamonds, marquise diamonds are often linked to love and romance. Most of the time, we see diamond rings presented during marriage proposals. Marquise diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings as well as other romantic jewelry because of their shape.

Some people think that marquise diamond’s pointy edges symbolize the arrow of Cupid, the Roman god of love. Others interpret the elongated form as a representation of enduring love that will last forever. 

Whatever the purpose, a marquise diamond can be a lovely and symbolic way to show someone how special they are. Also, this symbolizes your love and commitment for them. 

Diamonds are often associated with a loving and lasting relationship. They are also an important crystal that holds insightful spiritual meanings. This is due to their purity and brilliance. There are many distinct diamond cuts, each with different qualities and features.

Brief History of Marquise Diamonds

There are tons of diamond shapes to choose that will suit your style and taste. One of them being marquis diamonds. The attractive marquise diamonds are known for their impressive sparkle and brilliance. They are a type of elongated diamonds with pointed ends and have 56 to 58 facets. They resemble the shape of a football or a boat. 

The term “marquise” pertains to a hereditary rank that is higher than a count but lower than a duke. The name is due to the fact that courtiers wore this type of diamond cut to signify their position. 

Because of their shape that resembles a boat, marquise diamonds are also often referred to as “navette”.  This is a French word meaning small ships. The diamond cut was first commissioned by King Louis XV of France in the 18th century. This was meant to resemble the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. 

Marquise Diamond Settings that are Perfect for You

The striking appearance of the marquise diamonds make it popular for many jewelry designs. They are often used in engagement rings, earrings, and pendants. They can be designed in various types of settings as below to create stunning looks. 

  1. Prong Setting

Prong setting is a common setting for marquise diamonds. The setting has four or six prongs that secures the diamond in place while letting maximum amount of light shine through the diamond. The prong setting highlights the marquise diamond’s elongated shape. This makes it a popular option, especially for engagement rings.

This ring setting is often plain and subtle. This could indicate that the wearer prefers simplicity. She does not desire a complex and ornate ring.

  1. Bezel Setting

Another popular diamond setting is the bezel setting. In this setting, the diamond is enclosed by a metal rim that surrounds the entire stone. 

It provides stability and protection from harm. The diamond may appear sleek and contemporary in a bezel setting.

If the wearer is someone who is practical and values durability, this ring setting would resonate with them the most. 

  1. East-West Setting

The east-west setting comes about when the marquise diamond is horizontal across the finger. In this setting, the diamond turns 90 degrees. 

This might give the diamond the appearance of being larger. It is perfect for individuals who want a setting with a distinctive appearance. 

Choosing the east-west setting for your marquise diamond may indicate that you like to stay on trend and make a fashion statement. 

  1. Halo Setting

Here, the main marquise diamond is surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds in a halo setting. The result is a gorgeous and striking presentation. The setting allows the diamond to have glitter and glitz.

Women who enjoy wearing this ring setting love the attention. She often gravitates towards bold, statement pieces of jewelry. 

  1. Three-Stone Setting

In a three-stone setting, the marquise diamond can be used as the center stone. On its sides are smaller stones. This setting adds more brilliance and highlights the unique shape of the marquise diamond. The three-stone setting can produce a stunning and well-balanced design. 

The three stones in this setting could represent the past, present, and future of the relationship. This setting is sentimental and romantic. It implies that the wearer respects traditions and meaningful symbolisms. 

  1. Tension Setting

A modern and contemporary setting called the tension setting gives the impression that the diamond is floating between metal bands. A marquise diamond can be placed in a tension setting for a simple appearance. It will give the appearance that the diamond is seemingly floating in the air. 

If you are someone who resonates with contemporary design and cutting-edge fashion, the tension setting is a perfect choice for you. 

The choice of a setting for a marquise diamond will ultimately depend on you. It’s important to know which setting will suit one’s personal style and preference. The right diamond setting will help enhance the beauty and brilliance of marquise diamond. 

Choosing the right diamond cut for your partner’s engagement ring can be challenging. We have already established that there are various types of diamond cuts. There are also various settings to choose from. But, here are some of the reasons why a marquise cut diamond is best. 

Reasons to Choose a Marquise Diamond

  1. Unique Shape

Compared to a more conventional diamond shape, the marquise cut is striking. Its distinctive shape can make your wedding ring or engagement ring stand out. 

Customers who favor marquise cut diamonds could desire uniqueness. They also enjoy having a diamond shape that stands out from the crowd. 

  1. Elongated Appearance

A marquise diamond is a well-known choice for individuals who desire a diamond that appears larger on the hand. The elongated shape of the marquise diamond can make it appear larger compared to other diamond shapes. 

The shape of the diamond can enhance the wearer’s hand. It has the appearance of a slender, more elongated look. If you want to draw attention to how long your fingers are, this is the right choice. 

  1. Sparkle

Marquise diamonds can be a striking option for a wedding ring and an engagement ring. This is due to its exceptional shine and brilliance.

The wearer of the marquise diamond is someone who is confident, and is not afraid to be in the limelight. 

  1. Versatile 

The marquise cut diamond is a versatile option for people who want a diamond that can be tailored to their unique taste. This diamond shape can be placed in a range of settings, from traditional solitaires to contemporary designs. 

  1. Elegance and Drama

The marquise diamond’s elongated shape and pointed ends can give a striking and dramatic appearance. This draws attention to the hand of the person wearing the diamond. 

The long, elegant shape of the marquise cut diamond can elicit feelings of romance and everlasting beauty. 

  1. Vintage Appeal

The marquise diamond is perfect if you are searching for a vintage look with character. Marquise cut diamonds are often related to creative, dramatic personalities. 

It is one of the most distinctive diamond cuts that’s perfect for people who prefer a little drama and flair. The stone’s pointed edges also give off the creativity of edginess. 

This makes it a fantastic choice for a person with robust personality and a keen sense of personal flair. It works best for ladies who are self-assured and unique. The marquise cut emphasizes wealth and status. It is all about luxury, which gives the wearer a larger-than life personality. 

The ideal setting for a marquise cut diamond depends on your personal preference. There are many settings that the marquise diamond would look beautiful in. But, it’s also important to choose one that secures the center stone. 

Consider the cut quality of a marquise diamond when making your decision. This is because it has an impact on the stone’s appearance and worth. Before selecting a marquise diamond, it’s essential to understand its anatomy.

Diamonds are a representation of enduring love and commitment. This goes in line with marriage because the stone could withstand anything. It is one of the strongest materials on earth. That’s why many people choose it as an option for engagement and wedding rings. It is a perfect symbol for a marriage with the promise for couples to withstand the challenges they may face together.

These are just a handful of reasons for choosing a marquise cut diamond. The choice of a marquise diamond ultimately comes down to personal taste and sense of style. 

What a Marquise Diamond Says About You

Marquise derives both its name and shape from French royalty and American football. The marquise diamond has become a more common choice for engagement rings for women.

Wearing a marquise cut diamond can convey a certain level of refinement and uniqueness. Compared to other traditional cuts, the marquise cut is less common. That’s why it can easily capture people’s attention. 

Here are some ways a Marquise Diamond shape can resonate with the wearer::

  1. Creative and Artistic

The unique shape of the marquise diamond may represent a creative and artistic personality. People who favor this cut might enjoy artistic expressions and original designs. 

Women who are drawn to this diamond cut may want to showcase their uniqueness. It demonstrates high standards and exceptional taste. 

If you are someone who likes the marquise cut diamond, then you have an eye for aesthetics. You admire the unique shape and curves of the diamond. 

Often, people who enjoy wearing marquise cut diamond rings may want to achieve a certain aesthetic effect with their jewelry. This diamond cut gives the appearance of longer, more slender fingers. 

Since the shape of a marquise diamond might make the hand of the wearer smaller, they may be conscious of the way their diamond would look on their finger. They would want a diamond shape that flatters their body type.  

  1. Bold and Confident

A marquise diamond’s elongated shape can produce a striking appearance. Women who enjoy wearing them can be perceived as confident and assertive. 

The marquise cut demonstrates the edginess of someone who likes to push the limits when necessary. Also, this person is not scared to bend the rules. 

The distinctive shape makes it unique compared to other cuts. This is a very daring cut that will certainly impress. 

The marquise diamond may resonate to those who are drawn to brilliance and fire. 

  1. Unique and Adventurous 

Marquise diamonds differ from other diamond types in that they have an unusual shape. People might view those who like marquise diamonds as individuals who enjoy unique and adventurous styles and personalities. 

A person who wears a marquise cut could be a risk taker and adventurous. They may like to explore both in their personal styles and other aspects of their lives. 

  1. Romantic and Sophisticated

The beautiful shape of the marquise diamond can also evoke a sense of passion and elegance. Someone who prefers this cut is depicted to have a refined sense of style. 

This shape is also ideal for those who like vintage fashion. The marquise cut diamond often resonates with those who have lively personalities and love luxury. That’s why people who wear the marquise diamond may favor diamonds that are more refined- those that stand out from the rest. 

The marquise diamond shape has history and association with royalty and luxury. This may appeal to customers who are drawn to the thought of owning a diamond with rich history and legacy.

  1. Detail-Oriented 

A marquise diamond’s cut and setting are necessary to obtain its unique shape. This could mean that a person who favors a marquise cut is someone who is keen into details and pays great attention to them. 

Overall, the marquise diamond is associated with many attributes. This includes elegance, sophistication, and originality. It can be worn to express one’s uniqueness and personal style. 


Various diamond shapes may represent certain values and personality traits. These associations can help the wearer of the diamond to feel connected based on their personal preferences and characteristics. 

The marquise diamond is a well-known option for diamond jewelries. This is especially perfect for people who prefer a vintage or antique look for their rings. It is a classic representation of beauty and elegance. 

This cut is often associated with love, money, and monarchy. A marquise cut diamond ring is a special and magnificent option because of its classic beauty and the flair of its pointed ends. 

Furthermore, if you want your engagement ring to stand out from the crowd, the marquise cut is the right choice. This diamond design is often used in many jewelry settings. It’s a brilliant choice to use for necklaces as well as earrings. 

This diamond cut is for people who are not afraid to pave their way. It brings out the wearer’s exceptional taste and high standards. Its elongated shapes will always demand to be the center of attention. Also, this cut has always been favored by the rich and fashionable. 

Generally, the decision to buy a marquise diamond is influenced by your taste and budget. Besides, there are now alternatives available in the market instead of natural diamonds. Such could make a sustainable engagement ring. The most common diamond alternatives are the lab diamonds that cost less but have identical qualities as the natural diamonds. 

Most importantly, when buying a marquise diamond, ensure you choose a reliable seller to guarantee that the stone is well-secured. 

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