Importance of Regular Skin Checks at Skin Check Clinic

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent types of cancer worldwide, according to the global estimates; each year in Australia alone over 13000 are diagnosed. When identified early enough it’s highly treatable which makes regular skin checks with skin check clinic likeĀ  SunDoctors Australia so vital.

What Are Skin Checks (SCVs)? 

A skin check (SCV) is a visual examination conducted by medical professionals to detect early indicators of skin cancer or other skin conditions. A dermatologist will look through your entire skin from head-to-toe for any suspicious moles or spots which could indicate cancerous growths, precancerous lesions or any potential symptoms that warrant further medical investigation.

Who Should Get Skin Checks? 

All adults should get regular skin exams, with those at greater risk being particularly attentive. Risk factors for skin cancer can include fair skin, sunburn history, frequent tanning bed use and outdoor occupations or hobbies, being over 50 being risk factors for skin cancer.

If any of these risk factors apply to you, consult with your physician regarding how often skin checks should take place.

What should a skin check involve?

Your doctor will examine every part of your body, from scalp and face, neck and arms through hands, chest, abdomen, back buttocks legs and feet to look for any suspicious moles, freckles or spots which could indicate cancerous growth or precancerous lesions.

If a doctor detects anything unusual during a skin check, they may perform a biopsy, which involves extracting a sample of skin for testing. If this reveals cancerous or precancerous cells in a spot, treatment plans will likely be advised by their medical providers. 

What are the advantages of regular skin checks?

Regular skin checks offer numerous advantages, including:

Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Regular skin checks provide one of the key benefits of early diagnosis: early identification and treatment for skin cancers such as melanomas. Studies show a five-year survival rate of over 90% among early stage melanomas patients.

Prevention of skin cancer

Regular skin checks can play an integral part in helping prevent skin cancer by detecting precancerous spots early. When these spots are caught early, they can often be treated before turning into cancerous growths.

Peace of Mind

Doing regular skin checks can bring great peace of mind. Knowing you are taking measures to safeguard your skin and detect skin cancer early can ease anxiety and stress levels considerably.

Improved Skin Health 

Regular skin exams can also assist in diagnosing other skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis and acne. By early detection, your physician can suggest treatment plans to enhance your overall well being and enhance skin health.

Education about sun safety

At your skin check appointment, your physician can also educate you about sun safety. They’ll show how to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays while conducting self-exams between skin checks.


Regular visits to skin check clinics are an integral component of maintaining optimal skin health. Everyone should undergo routine skin checks, with those at higher risk being particularly vigilant. Your physician will examine all areas of your body for signs of skin cancer or other skin conditions during a skin check exam; benefits can include early detection and prevention as well as improved health benefits as well as education about sun safety – so make sure to schedule your next skin exam now.

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