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How to Track Your Kid’s Location With a GPS Location Tracker

When your kids are old enough to be going out alone, it can be pretty daunting. Thankfully, this generation of parents can make use of things like a GPS location tracker for added peace of mind. Here’s how to track your kids’ location:

Reasons to Track Children’s Location

Even though your kids might be old enough to be out without you, it doesn’t mean they’re as wise as we would be. There are many reasons why parents quite rightly want to know where their kids are. Here are the main reasons for using a real-time location tracking app:

  • Peace of mind – you can be free to let your child out of your sight knowing where they are.
  • Safety – should your kids get into trouble or have an emergency; you’ll know where to go.
  • Lost phones – having an app to track kids’ location can also help should they lose their phone.

Methods for the Fast Location Tracking

For those who are keen to know how to track someone’s location with a phone number, there are plenty of solutions. Here are some of them.

See Their Current Location With Eyezy!

The Eyezy app is an excellent way to feel secure about your kids’ location. This app will show you accurate details at a glance. You’ll find their accurate latitude and longitude in real time and it’s very specific and on a detailed map. You’ll also be able to see their route history and know where they’ve been and when. Besides this, Eyezy also has a geofencing function and a mobile device management remote control function that helps parents to locate children.. This allows parents to set boundaries where their children are allowed to go. If the child goes out of this area, the parents will get alerted. Eyezy is absolutely invisible, so your children won’t know they’re being tracked. A perfect solution, isn’t it?

Don’t Want to Install an App? Try Detectico

It’s easy to understand why some people are against tracking their children’s locations but sometimes their safety is more important. For some, installing an app is a bit much, which is why Detectico could be an option. This is a subscription service that allows you to find the location of a person just by using their mobile number. Detectico sends them a message with a link to share their location. The benefits of this service are that you don’t need to install any app or have access to their phone at all.

Share Their Location on Google Maps

If you don’t want an app to track kids’ location, there’s a way you can do it through the existing Google Maps app. To do this, you will need access to their phone, which is an initial drawback. However, should you get access, you can open the Google Maps app and then follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings
  2. Enable location tracking
  3. Open Google Maps
  4. Tap the righthand corner where the profile picture is
  5. Select Location Sharing to turn it on
  6. Select “until you turn this off”
  7. Then, choose your device and you should see a message saying “X can see your location”

This method will only work with the person’s consent, and it is very easy for them to turn off location sharing should they want to hide where they are.

Final Thoughts

Parents are rightly wary of letting their kids out alone and so it’s not uncommon to want to know how to track someone’s location either by a specific app or by another form of GPS location tracker. Both Eyezy and Detectico are your best bets here.

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