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How to Profitably rent a car in Ukraine: useful tips for saving on Car Rental

Car rental services are quite accessible and popular nowadays, but for most customers, cheap car rental remains relevant.

The Car Rent UA company shares tips on how to rent a car cheaply and profitably in Ukraine, without sacrificing the quality of service.

It is possible to rent a car cheaply!

If you want to rent a car, first of all you should familiarize yourself with the companies that provide these services at your place of residence.

In large cities, the choice of car rental services is quite wide, so you can choose a company that offers the lowest prices, the best conditions and is located nearby.

In small towns, the competition is much lower, so the choice is, of course, smaller. However, car rental prices can be somewhat lower than those of competitors from big cities.

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However, the price for renting a car should not be the only selection criterion.

It is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the company’s reputation;
  • transparency of cooperation conditions;
  • customer reviews posted on independent services.

In order to save on car rental, Car Rent UA recommends following the following action algorithm.

  1. Rent a car that meets the specific needs of the driver. The company’s fleet includes cars of various classes and brands, and accordingly, the price of car rental varies greatly. Therefore, if the task is to rent a car inexpensively, then you need to choose among economy class cars.
  2. Study the rental conditions. At Car Rent UA, as in many other companies, the price of renting a car per day decreases as the rental period increases. For example, renting an Audi A4 for 1-3 days will cost 3100 UAH/day, for 4-10 days – 2850 UAH/day, for 11-25 days – 2500 UAH/day. And with a long-term rental (from 26 days), the price per day will already be UAH 2,150.
  3. Rent a car from the same company. Car rental services often offer various bonuses and discounts for regular customers, which to some extent compensate for the cost of the rental.
  4. Monitor the company’s news on the website or in social networks. Promotions for car rental, free rental days (for new customers or when renting for a certain number of days), discounts on certain categories of cars – such offers allow you to rent a car profitably and economically.

For example, Car Rent UA offers a special price for several cars every week as part of the “Car of the Week” campaign. At the same time, not only economy class cars, but also business segment cars take part in the promotion. Therefore, during the promotional price period, everyone can rent a car that previously could not be afforded.

How does the car rental process work?

To rent a car at Car Rent UA, you must be over 21 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience. This ends the requirements for customers.

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Of the documents, only a passport and a driver’s license must be provided. They are necessary for concluding a contract between the car rental company and the client.

Usually, it takes from 30 minutes (for regular customers) to hours (for customers who apply for the first time and need help in determining the model of a rental car) to agree on all the details and prepare the contract.

After signing the contract, the car is issued to the driver from the company’s fleet. Before receiving the car, it is carefully inspected by the client in the presence of the manager for the absence of damage to the body and interior.

It is worth noting that Car Rent UA offers only serviceable cars that are regularly inspected, refueled, clean and tidy (after a car wash).

Go to the Car Rent UA website or follow the company’s news on Instagram, and be aware of all promotional offers for an even more profitable car rental!

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