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How to Choose the Perfect Fireplace Tile

A fireplace differs from a kitchen backsplash because the tiles must be fire-resistant and withstand high heat. Porcelain tile is recommended, especially if your fireplace will be used with log-burning or gas/bio-ethanol fires that produce a lot of heat.

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Tiles are an incredibly versatile design element; the right tile can transform any fireplace into a focal point for your living room. A tile will work to create an edgy contemporary look or something more rustic and classic. When choosing tile for your fireplace, make sure the tiles you choose comply with local building codes and are installed by a professional to ensure safety. Also, check that they are non-combustible to withstand the heat of a fire.

Regarding fireplace tile ideas, the most popular choice is porcelain. It holds up well to high heat and is available in various styles. It’s important to note that glazed porcelain tiles are the safest option for log-burning fireplaces. If you use a gas or bio-ethanol fire that sits away from the fireplace, you can use a different tile, such as marble.

The pattern is a great way to add visual interest to your tiled fireplace, but you don’t have to be shackled to a traditional style. For example, narrow white square tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern frame this modern fireplace with style and flair.

Grey is another color that works for both modern and rustic fireplace designs. Whether you opt for a light grey matte finish or a grey brick tile, this fireplace is warm and inviting, even with no fire blazing.


A fireplace is the heart of any room and is a great place to showcase your style. Whether you prefer modern or traditional, various tile options suit any taste and budget. Ensure the tiles are non-combustible and comply with local safety codes for safe use around a fireplace.

Using herringbone tile in a fireplace is a popular choice that can add an eye-catching element to your fireplace design.

Another way to add visual interest is using unique tile shapes for your fire pit surround, inset, or panel. For instance, these diamond-shaped porcelain tiles add a subtle geometric element that elevates the traditional fireplace design.

Consider using dark-colored tiles for your surround, inset, or panel to create a bold statement. A gray brick-like finish is an excellent option that fits a farmhouse aesthetic.

Tile is a durable material that will withstand the high temperatures associated with a fireplace. Still, you can also incorporate a fire-safe glass or metal tile as an accent to highlight your style. Just be sure to check with a professional installer to verify the glass or metal is non-combustible before installing.


When it comes to tiling around a fireplace, herringbone patterns are very popular. They give the wall a sense of depth and dimension, creating a truly stunning effect. However, consider a picket tile style with narrow and pointed ends if you want a more subtle way. This style is also extremely durable and can withstand high fire temperatures, making it a perfect choice for a fireplace.

Choosing the right tile color for your fireplace is very important – it’s often the focal point of a room and needs to be right on. You can use a neutral, like white or grey, for an elegant and understated look or a vibrant shade to make a statement. Opt for a metallic tile for a luxurious, contemporary finish.

Remember, though, that you need to ensure your chosen tiles are suitable for use with a fireplace – they should have a heat rating that indicates the maximum temperature they can withstand. Additionally, you’ll need to check that your chosen tiles are non-combustible – combustible materials can cause a fire hazard.

When installing a new tile fireplace surround, leaving this project to a professional is best. Tile setters are skilled at working with tricky surfaces such as this and will be able to install the tiles so they fit properly. They can also advise on required distances from a fireplace (as well as any additional safety precautions that may be necessary).


The right tile can elevate a fireplace to a major focal point in your home. Whether you want to use modern tile or design trends like herringbone patterns, your fireplace surround has many beautiful choices. You can also opt for stone-look tiles that add a timeless elegance to your room or unique shapes like penny rounds or planks. Just make sure your chosen tiles meet the heat ratings necessary to withstand the heat from your fireplace.

White tile is a classic choice for any fireplace and works well in any room. If you want more contrast, choose a white tile with a hint of sheen. This subtle sheen adds extra sparkle to the room and helps reflect the light from your fireplace.

For a more dramatic effect, consider using porcelain tiles that have black marbling. This looks stunning against a white fireplace mantle and gives your room a dramatic focal point. You can also choose a more natural style by choosing travertine tiles for your fireplace. This type of natural stone tile is known for its durability, and the small pits on its surface give it an antique look.

While herringbone patterns are a popular choice for backsplashes and bathrooms, they look equally stunning on a fireplace. This navy herringbone fireplace tile is a moody and refreshing take on a traditional idea.

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