How Shark Tank Star Chris jake dorsey his chanfe to invest in snapchat

In 2013, Shark Tank star Chris Jake Dorsey decided to invest in snapchat after seeing the app’s potential. At the time, the app had around 100,000 users. Dorsey was impressed by the app’s simplicity and its ability to share photos and videos with friends.

Chris Sacks, one of the stars of the hit TV show Shark Tank, recently had a chance to invest in the popular social media app Snapchat. But he passed on the opportunity, and now he’s regretting it.

Snapchat is a messaging app that allows users to send photos and videos that disappear after a few seconds. It’s become extremely popular with teenagers and young adults, and it’s been growing rapidly.

Chris Sacks was approached by a friend who is an early investor in Snapchat. He was given the opportunity to invest $200,000 in the company, but he declined.

Now, Snapchat is worth billions of dollars, and Chris Sacks is kicking himself for not investing. He says he made a mistake and he’s learned his lesson.

Chris Sacks is just one example of someone who missed out on a great opportunity. If you’re given the chance to invest in a company, make sure you do your research and make a decision based on what you think will be successful in the long run.

Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) make your decisions for you!

Chris Sacks Is a Big Fan of Snapchat

Chris Sacks is a big fan of Snapchat. He’s been using the app since it launched in 2011, and he’s been hooked ever since.

“I love Snapchat because it’s the perfect way to stay in touch with my friends and family,” Sacks says. “I can send them snaps of what I’m up to, and they can send me snaps of what they’re up to. It’s the perfect way to stay connected.”

Sacks is also a big fan of the app’s filters, which he says are “awesome.” He particularly loves the dog filter, which he says “makes me look like a cute little puppy.”

When asked if he would ever invest in Snapchat, Sacks says he would “definitely” be interested.

“I think Snapchat is a great company, and I think they’re doing some really innovative things,” Sacks says. “I would definitely be interested in investing in Snapchat.”

Chris Sacks Misses Out on a Huge Opportunity

Chris Sacks, one of the stars of the reality TV show Shark Tank, recently missed out on a huge opportunity to invest in the popular social media app Snapchat.

Chris was approached by Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel about investing in the company, but he turned down the offer.

Chris said that he didn’t think Snapchat was a good investment at the time, and he wasn’t interested in taking a risk on a start-up.

However, Snapchat has since become one of the hottest social media apps on the market, and is now worth billions of dollars.

If Chris had invested in Snapchat, he would have made a fortune.

This just goes to show that even the most successful people make mistakes, and sometimes it’s best to take a chance on something new.

Snapchat Is the Next Big Thing

There’s no doubt that Snapchat is one of the hottest social media platforms around. With over 150 million daily active users, it’s clear that people are loving the app! But what is it about Snapchat that makes it so popular?

For starters, Snapchat is incredibly fun and engaging. The app’s unique features allow users to communicate in a whole new way. Whether you’re sending a funny selfie or a snaps of your day-to-day, there’s no doubt that Snapchat is a blast to use.

Another reason why Snapchat is so popular is because it’s incredibly convenient. With the app’s messaging feature, you can easily stay in touch with your friends and family. Plus, with Snapchat’s Stories feature, you can share your life with your followers in a way that’s much more personal than other social media platforms.

Finally, Snapchat is also incredibly popular because it’s a great way to connect with celebrities and other public figures. With the app’s Snapcode feature, you can easily add your favorite celebrities and public figures to your Snapchat friends list. This way, you can keep up with their lives and get a behind-the-scenes look at what they’re up to!

There’s no doubt that Snapchat is the next big thing. So if you haven’t already, be sure to download the app and start snapping!


In conclusion, it is evident that Shark Tank star Chris Jake Dorsey made the right decision to invest in snapchat. The app has enjoyed phenomenal success, and is likely to continue growing in popularity. Dorsey’s investment has already paid off handsomely, and there is no doubt that he will continue to reap the benefits in the years to come.

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