How Modern Boilers are Saving Energy Costs in the England in 2024?

With rising energy costs, households in England are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. But did you know that heating and hot water typically account for more than half of your home’s energy usage?

Knowing this and upgrading your boiler can significantly reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

If you’ve used the same boiler for a few years, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Modern boilers are much more efficient than older models, and the savings you can make by upgrading to a newer boiler (up to £580 per year) can go a long way to ease the surging cost of living.

However, upgrading a modern boiler may not be accessible in states like England because of the high cost, which an average person may not be able to afford. By looking into this matter, the government of the UK  free boiler grants England to support low-income British families in replacing their old inefficient boilers with modern models.

Let’s examine how modern boilers will save energy costs in England in 2024.

How Much Can You Save With a Modern Boiler?

Usually, replacing an old gas boiler costs about £4,000 to £4,700. However, getting a new boiler should be considered an investment in the long run. The lower energy bills will more than cover the cost of the new boiler over a few years. Therefore, the money you save on your energy bills will depend on the type of boiler you get and the house you live in.

How Does Boiler Work Efficiently?

New boilers are usually very energy-efficient and can lower energy bills. But there are things you can do to make your boiler work better.

Using a smart timer can make your boiler work much better. A smart thermostat can also more efficiently change the temperature in different parts of your house, saving you money on your energy bills.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your boiler can also help it work better.

Savings Energy Cost when Having a Modern Boiler in England

Lower Heating Bills

As stated before, a smart thermostat can help you lower your heating bills and adjust the temperatures in your home. Different brands of smart thermostats are available in the UK market, all of which can help you lower your boiler’s energy consumption.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Servicing and maintaining your boiler and heating system can improve them. A boiler that isn’t taken care of can use more energy than one that is. However, ensure you have a heating service and check your boiler often. Also, ensure you only hire a gas-safe registered boiler expert.

Consistent and Even Heating

To keep your home comfortable during the cold months, you must ensure that your heating system is properly working and providing consistent and even heating. Cold or hot spots are annoying and can make your home less comfortable.

Regular and system boilers might not be suitable for a small home. Both types have a hot water cylinder, and a regular boiler requires a cold water tank. In addition, their output might be too high for your hot water requirements so you will be wasting energy on nothing.

Environmentally Friendly

Modern boilers provide heat using less energy. Replace your boiler to reduce carbon emissions. Many modern boilers can operate on renewable energy. Some boilers are hydrogen-ready, meaning they can operate on hydrogen later.

There are other ways to lower your carbon footprint than installing a more efficient boiler. For example, you can adjust your home’s temperature using a smart thermostat. Thus, your boiler will consume less energy and reduce emissions.


Gas boilers are inefficient and struggle to heat homes over time. Therefore, switching to modern boilers makes homes warmer and more pleasant. Your heating expenditures will rise as your boiler ages and becomes less efficient. Modern boilers are efficient; however, replacing your old one might lower your heating expenditures. Their heating controls provide temperature control. Also, you may set each room in your home precisely. This function reduces energy use and improves comfort.

Modern boilers last longer and are guaranteed not to break down soon. They also have a manufacturer-backed warranty claim. They are smaller and more compact. A modern boiler is the perfect option if you have a small home. It is fitted behind a kitchen cabinet to save space.

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