How Do You Choose the Right Colocation Data Center

The majority of businesses are centered around data and computer systems, thus it is crucial that the location where you store your IT infrastructure suits your demands both now and in the future. In a colocation data center, over 40% of companies and customers now rent space, and this number is anticipated to keep growing. Why is that so? The main advantages of using a uk colo provider to store your data include using third-party physical space and having electricity, cooling, and security taken care of for you. However, there are a number of other advantages as well.

What is a colocation Data Centre? 

Microsoft and Google, digital behemoths, each have their own data centers, which is a practical answer for them. But smaller businesses with fewer budgets are unable to construct, operate, and manage a data center on their own. Instead, most people would consider moving their servers and storage to a colocation data center, which offers real building, cooling, power, network, and security. Several colocation facilities offer managed services, despite the fact that the majority of colocation facilities rent space by the square meter, cage, rack, or cabinet.

What to Look for in a Colocation Data Centre

Important data needs to be protected. Since the security, connectivity, and other aspects of your assets are at stake, finding a colocation facility that not only offers the space and power you require but also has the reputation and responsiveness that meets your needs is crucial. These are the characteristics that a colocation data center ought to have.

Seven Tips for Choosing the Right Colocation Data Center 

Any business that relies on data and IT infrastructure needs to select the best colocation data center. Colocation data centers provide space, power, cooling, and physical protection for servers, storage, and networking equipment owned by other companies or individuals. Consider the following crucial factors while choosing the best colocation data center.


The location of the colocation data center must be considered. It should be located in a safe and secure area with easy access for your personnel. Also, your customers or clients should have excellent connectivity in the area.

Power Capacity and Physical Space

To establish how many square meters, cabinets or racks will be adequate for your purposes, it will be helpful to facilitate asset management software to obtain an accurate inventory of your assets. The size and capacity of colocation providers might vary substantially.

Building and Asset Security

When picking a colocation data center, security is important. Physical security measures for the building should be in place, such as biometric access controls, video surveillance, and security guards. Additionally, it should contain backup power generators and fire suppression systems to assure data continuity in case of emergencies.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs outline the level of service you can anticipate from the provider of the colocation data center. Guarantees for uptime, response times, and other crucial metrics should be included in the SLAs.

Scalability to Meet the Future Need

The colocation data center must be able to grow along with your business as your needs alter over time. The structure should have enough space, power, and cooling to accommodate your future needs.


The reputation of the colocation data center provider is another important factor to consider. Look for evaluations and suggestions from other businesses in your industry to make sure you are choosing a reputable and trustworthy provider.


You must get in touch with your colocation provider right away in an emergency. Hence, it is crucial that they provide 24/7 availability and response to guarantee that any issues are quickly remedied.

Final Thoughts 

By relocating to a colocation facility, you can save CAPEX while also gaining access to state-of-the-art colocation data center technologies. You can also evolve quickly by utilizing managed services, higher power density, and the hybrid cloud. Choosing a colocation data center provider that will work with you to scale your IT over time is essential. 

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