Guide to Soft Tissue Treatment and How Can It Help You Recover From Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you become injured in a car accident, the last thing you probably think about is finding a physical therapist. However, as you heal, your physician may suggest that you find a physical therapy near me to help you heal. Whether you receive instructions to find a therapist or not, you should understand how soft tissue and other treatments can improve your recovery.

Understanding What Soft Tissue Treatment Is

Soft tissue treatment are highly targeted massage in a clinical environment. They take remedial massage and turn it way up. The focus of this type of massage is to reduce stress and speed recovery. You receive massage therapy focused on the soft tissues surrounding your injury, including your muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves.

Soft tissue massage also improves blood flow, helps lymph drainage and improves the movement of fluid between your cells, also known as interstitial fluid. You can expect improvements in the flow of fluids through your veins and arteries as well as your lymph system and other channels. A brain map also identifies areas that need work due to movement dysfunction.

Physical Challenges That Benefit From Soft Tissue Treatments

When you have a car accident, you can experience lasting muscle pain, and sometimes this pain moves throughout your body. You could damage your lumbar spine and discs or receive whiplash. Your muscles or tendons could tear or become otherwise damaged. You may even experience tension or migraine headaches.

Your accident may leave some of your body numb or tingling. You could also experience difficulty when you try to concentrate or sleep.

Some of your injuries may require surgery while others won’t, but in both cases, physical therapy can help accelerate your recovery and alleviate residual pain. In many cases, you will receive and complete specific exercises, including stretching, that will support your healing. However, your therapist may also suggest soft tissue treatments. When you find physical therapy in Phoenix AZ, you can discuss the specifics about your injury and how soft tissue treatment can help.

Key Benefits of Soft Tissue Treatment

Like other forms of massage, soft tissue treatments can reduce stress and relax muscles. However, they have several additional benefits as well. First, these treatments get your fluids flowing, so they reduce inflammation that could cause pain and hinder the healing process, particularly around your joints and heart. They also increase oxygen flow to the damaged areas of your body. In addition, these sessions encourage greater hemoglobin production and reduce your blood pressure.

You should also experience significant pain reduction as the healing process accelerates and the fluids get removed from your injuries. You should have greater flexibility, and your range of motion will increase. Any stiffness you feel as a result of your injuries should also dissipate. Soft tissue massage also focuses on releasing your trigger points and relaxing your muscles. The treatment releases endorphins that encourage better sleep.

Your physical therapist should customize your soft tissue therapy to address the specific issues you face after your accident. In addition, if you have experience helping others through these types of injuries, you may search for physical therapy jobs near me to find a reputable clinic to work with.

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