Eye Exam Essentials: Components of Eye Examination

It is our eyes which allow us to esteem the natural world. It is also a window to our human body. Eye examination calgary services offer the best technology for ensuring good care of your eyes.

For thorough eye exams, there are various components that determine visual acuity, coordination, pupil response and retinal health.

Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is the basics of any examination that helps determine how much an individual can see at various distances. This is to determine the appropriate prescription for corrective lenses.

Snellen Chart

The first step of any eye examination is the Snellen chart. The vision acuity of an individual is assessed using this chart. The letters in the chart get progressively smaller, which helps determine whether corrective lenses are needed.

Refraction Assessment

This test is done to determine the appropriate prescription for corrective lenses. With the help of a phoropter, the eye specialists’ fine tune the power, to find out if the person has short sight or a long sight.

Ocular Health Evaluation

Slit lamp examination

This test is performed using specially designed microscopic equipment to understand the structure of your eye. Any abnormalities associated with the structure of your eye are identified and the corrective measures are prescribed using this test.


This test helps to measure eye pressure. After this examination, it is determined whether further tests for glaucoma are needed or not.

Eye Movement and Alignment

Cover Test

This test is done mainly on kids to check if they have any abnormalities. The cover test is done by covering each eye alternately and focusing on the given target. This helps to determine strabismus and amblyopia.  

Tracking Movements of the Eye

This test checks the ability of movement of the eyes to follow a moving object. The test helps to determine if the individual is having issues in eye muscle coordination.

Pupil Response Test

It helps determine pupils’ response to the light. Dilation of the pupil helps to get an extensive view of the retina and optic nerve.

Visual Field Test

This test helps to measure how much an individual can see from the corner of the eye. This helps to find out if there is any blind spot.

Retina Examination


It is a specially designed microscope with a lens to have a closer look at the retina of your eye and the associated nerves. Retinal related problems are identified using this test.

An eye examination is an essential procedure that has various layers of testing. Every test has a very significant impact on determining the eye health. As such, routine eye check-ups are required for normal vision.

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