Everything About Roux Lopez: Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins Child

Does Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have a child? This is a question many WWE fans are interested in as both of these WWE wrestlers are long-time famous champions in the wrestling world. 

The more important question is whether Becky Lynch’s daughter, Roux Lopez, is the child of Seth Rollins. To answer this question, we will give you a timeline of who Roux Lopez is and all the details to quench your curiosity! 

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins: Parents of Roux Lopez 

WWE stars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins have a long record of performance and fame. So it’s no surprise that fans or WWE watchers are most curious about whether they have a child together! 

It’s natural to wonder about this since both WWE champions started their relationship in the early months of January 2019. Just like many other WWE stars who fall in love with their co-workers, whether male or female, both sparked chemistry. So, like John Cena and Nikki Bella, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch soon, within months of the relationship, decided to get engaged. 

Rollins and Lynch engaged officially in August 2019, and surprisingly, Becky Lynch became pregnant with Roux Lopez, the child of both her and Seth Rollins. She went through with the pregnancy, and both Rollins and Lynch welcomed their new baby girl on December 4, 2020! 

Their child, Roux, sparked their relationship to an even deeper level, which led to Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch officially marrying six months after their daughter was born. 

Roux Lopez Birth and Profile 

The little girl was born to WWE megastars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, so it is obvious that she has dominating genes and a unique look from both her mother and father! Roux rose to fame as the couple announced the arrival of their child, and all their fans became obsessed with their child.

Both Seth Rollins and his mother, Becky Lynch, clicked and published the official pictures with their child, Roux Lopez. Both are lovingly embracing their daughter, who has both of their features. 

Becky Lynch gave birth to her daughter in the United States Of America, as both of her parents have had their careers and personal lives thriving there for ages. So, Roux is an all-American baby and already a star due to her parents’ fame. 

Becky Lynch: Mother Of Roux Lopez 

Becky Lynch’s real name is Rebecca Quin, as her origin country is Ireland, and her physical looks answer her Irish descent due to her being a redhead. Lynch was born on 30 January 1987 and is younger than her WWE wrestler husband, Seth Rollins, who was born on 28 May 1986! 

Lynch first rose to fame as an Irish actress. In 2002, Becky began her professional wrestling training at a very young age. She held a unique passion for the wrestling world, and 11 years later, she finally signed her big landing contract with WWE in 2011! Then, it was all success for her as her passion was showcased on the biggest-watched platform of WWE, which led to her winning her first Smackdown Women’s Champion in 2016. 

Soon after, Roux Lopez’s mother not only won 4 WWE championships but also made a record in WWE women’s wrestling history by achieving both the Smackdown Women’s Championship and Raw Women’s Championship together at the same time! 

This undoubtedly leads to the conclusion that Becky Lynch, the parent of Roux Lopez, is one of the highest-paid and winning WWE women wrestlers. 

Does Seth Rollins Have Kids? 

Seth Rollins is Roux Lopez’s only father and has no other alleged kids whom he has introduced to the world or been linked to except one, his little daughter with his wife, Becky Lynch. 

Seth Rollins, the father of Roux, has been a long WWE name since the onset of 2010. He was first introduced when he was approved for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), which led to his first appearance as a WWE wrestler in the FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), where he was launched with his wrestling name, Seth Rollins.

Shortly after, Seth Rollins, the father of Roux Lopez, began his journey to recognition and fame as he won and became the first NXT champion. Rollins mainly wrestled in the arena in WWE tag team matches, where his partners were Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. 

With his classic entrance and professional, skilled wrestling, Seth Rollins won all three major wrestling championships: the WWE, Universal, and NXT championships! 

Rollins gained so much recognition and fame that he was included in Pro Wrestling’s PWI list as the world’s top wrestler. Seth Rollins also won along his journey to becoming America’s global wrestling champion, such as the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble. This is the same year his partner Becky Lynch and Rollins conceived their child, Roux Lopez! 

Roux Lopez Current Updates 

Both parents do not post about their daughter, Roux, very frequently; however, occasionally, both post about their daughter, who is now growing up. In Roux Lopez’s pictures, she can be seen endearingly close to her parents. 

Roux is the only child of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch and enjoys the fame she garners due to her famous WWE parents. Currently, Roux Lopez is 4 years old, born in 2020. She is occasionally photographed with her mother, Becky Lynch, and Rollins. 

Many fans sometimes need clarification on Roux Lopez’s pronunciation, as the name sounds difficult due to its unique spelling. However, many comfortably call Lopez the way they read her name, and it’s okay even though the pronunciation can be corrected by seeing her parents, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, pronouncing her name! 

Last Word 

We hope the above details about Roux Lopez answer all your questions about Seth Rollins’s child and Becky Lynch’s daughter.

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