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Essential Tools of the Trade: Exploring a Range of Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing is a profession that has been around for centuries, and over time, the tools and techniques used have evolved and improved. Today, various plumbing supplies are available to tackle almost any job, from fixing a simple leak to installing a new bathroom suite. If you are a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, having the right tools for the job is essential. This article will explore some basic plumbing supplies that are a must-have for every plumber.

Basic Plumbing Supplies

Pipe Cutters

A good set of pipe cutters is one of the most fundamental plumbing supplies. These cut pipes to the correct length before they are installed or repaired. Different pipe cutters, from simple manual blades to more advanced electric knives, are available. Your chosen type will depend on your needs and the style of pipes you are working with.


Another basic but essential tool is a wrench. Various types of wrenches are available, each designed for a specific task. For example, a pipe wrench is used for tightening and loosening pipe fittings, while a basin wrench is used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts in confined spaces. Having a good set of wrenches is crucial for any plumbing job.


A plunger is a simple but effective tool to clean sinks, toilets, and drain blockages. Different plungers are available, from the classic cup plunger to the more advanced accordion plunger. A good plunger is essential for dealing with common plumbing problems.

Advanced Plumbing Supplies

Pipe Threader

A pipe threader is a tool used to create threads on the end of a pipe, allowing it to be screwed into fittings or other lines. This is a crucial tool for any plumber working with threaded pipes. Manual and electric pipe threaders are available, and your chosen type will depend on your needs and the job size.

Pipe Bender

A pipe bender is a tool to bend pipes into the required shape without damaging them. This is especially important for plumbers working with copper or steel pipes, as these materials can be brittle and prone to cracking if not handled correctly. Various pipe benders are available, from simple manual benders to more advanced hydraulic benders.

Drain Auger

A drain auger, also known as a plumber’s snake, is a flexible coil of wire used to clear blockages in drains and pipes. The drill is inserted into the gutter or tube and rotated to break up and remove the blockage. Manual and electric drain drills are available, and the type you choose will depend on the size and location of the backup.

Specialty Plumbing Supplies

Water Pressure Gauge

A water pressure gauge is a tool used to measure the water pressure in a pipe. This is important for diagnosing problems with the water supply and ensuring that the plumbing system is operating correctly. Various water pressure gauges, from simple manual meters to more advanced digital gauges, are available.

Pipe Freezing Kit

A pipe freezing kit is a tool used to temporarily freeze a section of pipe, allowing you to work on it without draining the entire system. This is especially useful for plumbers working on large or complex plumbing systems. Various pipe-freezing kits are available, from simple aerosol cans to more advanced electric equipment.

Leak Detector

A leak detector is a tool to locate leaks in pipes and fittings. Various leak detectors are available, from simple liquid to more advanced electronic leak detectors. A good leak detector is crucial for any plumber, as even a tiny leak can lead to significant problems if not addressed quickly.

Essential Plumbing Supplies for Every Job

Tape Measure and Marking Tools

A tape measure and marking tools such as a pencil or marker are essential for taking accurate measurements and keeping cut lines or drilling points on pipes and fittings. Precise measurements ensure that the pipes and fittings fit together correctly and that the plumbing system functions as it should.

Pipe Sealant

Pipe sealant, or pipe dope or thread sealant, is a substance used to seal the threads of pipe joints to prevent leaks. Various pipe sealants are available, from traditional Teflon tape to more advanced liquid sealants. A suitable quality pipe sealant is essential for ensuring a leak-free connection.

Plumber’s Putty

Plumber’s putty is a soft, pliable substance that creates a watertight seal around fixtures and fittings such as sinks, faucets, and drain assemblies. It is easy to mould and shape, making it ideal for filling gaps and sealing joints. Having a plumber’s putty on hand is crucial for preventing leaks and ensuring a professional finish.

Hacksaw and Blades

A hacksaw and a good set of blades are essential for cutting pipes, metal, plastic, and other materials. While pipe cutters are ideal for making clean, straight cuts in lines, a hacksaw is versatile and can cut a wide range of materials and shapes. A good quality hacksaw and a selection of blades are crucial for any plumbing job.

Pipe Cleaner and Deburring Tool

A pipe cleaner and deburring tool clean the inside and outside pipes before joining them. This is crucial for ensuring a clean, smooth surface for the joint, which will help to create a leak-free connection. A good quality pipe cleaner and deburring tool is essential for any plumber.


Plumbing is a profession that requires a wide range of tools and supplies. From essential tools like wrenches and pipe cutters to more advanced tools like pipe threaders and drain drills, having the right plumbing supplies is crucial for tackling any job. Whether you are a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, investing in good-quality plumbing supplies will make your job easier and ensure your work is completed to a high standard.

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