Elevator Shoes: Help A Short Guy Gain Height With Styles

Are you on the shorter side and feel like throwing society a sly middle finger? As a fashion lover, we also know style can empower. Let’s talk about elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes, sometimes called height increasing shoes or shoes with lifts, use discreet lifts in the sole to add 2-5 inches of height.

Trends of Elevator Shoes

Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars and Jeremy Renner have rocked them on the red carpet. Short kings worldwide have used them to gain confidence in style.

Now I know adding shoe lifts sounds like wearing heels or stilettos, which freaks some dudes out. But elevator shoes look and feel like normal, quality shoes.

The lifts are completely hidden inside the sole and heel. Don’t think teetering on tiptoes—think custom service for a better fit!

The Best Elevator Shoes Brand

After testing many brands, the quality and comfort from Chamaripa won me over. Their Italian leather shoes feel broken-in from day one, like a comfy pair of sneakers. The arch support and memory foam insoles mold to your feet.

When you wear their stylish elevator oxfords or Chelsea boots, your posture improves automatically. It’s like strong arms lifting your frame with no effort on your part!

How to Style Elevator Shoes

Styling elevator shoes is a no-brainer. They come in casual and formal looks to match any outfit. Going from the office to an event? Swap out loafers for lace-ups.

Heading on a date downtown? Chelsea boots add flair to dark denim. Their custom options let you choose colors and design details for your ideal style.


When wearing elevator shoes into your various looks, keep your outfit’s occasion and colors in mind. For formal events, choose elevator boots like sleek leather boots, or formal dress shoes like oxfords. Opt for suedes or textured leathers for a more casual vibe.

You can achieve a classy look by matching neutral colors such as black, brown, and tan. Or, you can make a statement by wearing bold shoes in unique colors like green or blue crocodile.


As a first-time buyer, I know quality and fit are concerns. Chamaripa’s durable Italian materials feel luxe and hold up for years. Their handmade craftsmanship focuses on comfort, using soft padded collars and flexible anti-slip soles.

Chamaripa quality

Order your regular size—their fittings cater to wide, narrow and standard width feet.

Don’t just take my word for it. Bloggers and public figures like Seth Green, Mark Wahlberg and Vin Diesel have mentioned elevator shoes’ height-boosting confidence.

Actors wear them on screen to look taller. You can also wear them for the same high quality and customized fit.

Elevator shoes have gained popularity for good reason—their superior craftsmanship fosters acceptance and empowerment.

As Bruno Mars said: “What’s wrong with enhancing your shoes to make you feel confident?” For any fellow short guys reading, I recommend trying the stylish height increase for yourself.

I’ve mentioned images, detailed descriptions and phrases from my talks with Chamaripa to inform my recommendations. But style is personal, gentlemen.

Once you’ve browsed the options and found your perfect pair, rock your new height in creative ways. Wear elevators to work, on travel, while going out and beyond. See how they make YOU feel.


If you have any other questions, drop them in the comments! I’m always happy to chat more about fashion, personal style and creative ways to make the world work for you.

Living in a vertical world can be tough, but knowing how to navigate it and having the right tools is empowering.

For any short guys seeking that extra boost of confidence, elevator shoes provide it in stylish spades. Now get out there and slay, you stylish kings!


What is the point of elevator shoes?

The main point of elevator shoes is to discreetly provide extra height. The lifts inside the shoes can increase height from 2-6 inches to help shorter men feel more confident. Elevator shoes also improve posture and provide comfort benefits like arch support and cushioning. Overall, the shoes aim to elevate the body and self-esteem of wearers in a stylish, subtle way.

Can you tell when someone is wearing elevator shoes?

Quality elevator shoes are designed to be undetectable. The built-in heel lifts with smooth interior padding can prevent bumps or ridges. Externally, they appear like normal dress shoes or boots.

In most cases, you cannot tell when someone is wearing well-made elevator shoes. Only the wearer knows their secret boost.

Do elevator shoes help?

Yes, elevator shoes can provide several benefits:

  1. Increased height for shorter men
  2. Improved confidence and self-image
  3. Better posture and gait from minor heel lift
  4. Versatile styles from casual to formal
  5. Hidden comfort features like arch support
  6. Both physical and emotional boost

So high quality elevator shoes do help wearers feel taller and more assured. The lift provides a physical and mental boost.

Are 2-inch elevator shoes noticeable?

Not usually. A 2-inch lift is one of the more subtle options. The sole appears slightly thicker but looks like a regular men’s dress shoe. So 2-inch elevator shoes are generally not noticeable on the wearer.

Does Brad Pitt wear elevator shoes?

Some reports show that Brad Pitt has worn subtle elevator shoes, likely around 1-2 inches, at certain public events. However, this is mainly speculation and not confirmed. Many celebrities opt for a minor lift at times but keep their choice of shoe private.

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