Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Celebrity Daughter Of Actress Devon Aoki and James Bailey

Eleanor Talitha Bailey, if you are interested in the top American celebrity kids who enjoy Hollywood glamour and wealth, then you need to know about this star kid of the renowned American actress and model Devon Aoki. 

This article will reveal many exciting details about this stylish star kid and her current life! 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Early life of Devon Aoki’s Daughter 

Eleanor was born in 2015 to the famous American actress/model Devon Aoki and her husband, James Bailey, a private businessman. With such an incredible duo of parents, it’s natural that as soon as Eleanor Bailey was born, the paparazzi and the entertainment buzz were around her to get some details about the baby girl born with such a successful personality! 

Eleanor was born in America and holds American nationality, unlike her mother, who was born and raised in New York and California, USA; however, she is of Japanese and German descent due to her parents. These genes can be seen in Eleanor, who has inherited multiple distinct genes from both her parents, giving her a unique spark. 

However, to the celebrity norm, Devon Aoki and her husband, James Baily, kept their little girl away from the cameras so that she could have a private childhood. This is usually how celebrities raise their kids, as little children can get severely impacted by the overpowering presence of cameras and people constantly around them to capture their innocent moments. Hence why Eleanor Bailey’s early pictures and details are not disclosed anywhere online for anyone, as decided by her parents. 

Current Life Of Eleanor Talitha Bailey 

Eleanor Bailey is eight years old and has a charming, distinct look as the little girl of Devon Aoki and James Bailey. Until now, her life has been kept behind the curtains as she is still a little kid who needs her private life away from social media and headlines to keep her childhood stress-free and regular. 

However, her parents have published some of the latest pictures of Eleanor, and she looks strikingly similar to her mother but with an all-American girl’s confidence, as seen in the photos. She is photographed in many pictures alongside her siblings, who look similar to her and can be seen beaming with a sweet smile around her parents. 

According to the limited information available, Eleanor Bailey still resides with her parents in her birth country, America; however, other information regarding her actual whereabouts must be put up for public view. 

Education & Hobbies 

Many fans and people love to know the celebrity kids’ hobbies, lifestyles, and educational backgrounds. As Eleanor Talitha Bailey has a private life, much of the details regarding her schooling and education have not been discreetly a secret; Devon Aoki proudly posted a picture of her now-grown daughter on her official Instagram account, where Eleanor can be seen proudly smiling at her mother holding a trophy which highlights the award for first place in Horse riding at Horses In The Dark academy. 

Eleanor’s other hobbies should be more specifically detailed to the public information for safety and privacy concerns! However, seeing her mother, Devon Aoki, posting Eleanor achieving first position trophy for horse riding proves that Eleanor is an active little girl who loves horse riding and adventure

Devon Aoki Vogue Japan Appearance With Her Daughter 

Devon Aoki appeared on Vogue Japan’s front cover with her daughter, Eleanor Talitha Bailey, in November 2023. The front cover picture with her daughter was posted officially by supermodel mother Aoki herself on her Instagram account. 

The mother and daughter duo look mesmerizingly eye-catching as Eleanor resembles her mother with similar face shapes and features. The picture endearingly captures their sweet bond and showcases Devon Aoki’s closeness to her little girl, Eleanor Talitha Bailey, as she features on the Vogue front page with her daughter. 

Both can be seen posing momentarily as Eleanor applies lipstick to her mother, Devon Aoki, who is looking at the camera with her blonde Asian looks. Both showcase an American charm with their Asian genes portrayed on the Japanese Vogue cover!

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Father: James Bailey 

Eleanor’s father, James Bailey, is not a public figure; however can be seen in many photographs with his actress wife, Devon Aoki, in public appearances as well as with their children, including Eleanor, in personal clicks! 

James Bailey is an American private businessman not in the entertainment industry like his wife, Devon Aoki. Both married in the year 2011 and are currently going strong up til now. Eleanor is their 2nd child, born in 2015; Bailey and Aoki have, in total, four children together and remain private about them. 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Siblings 

Eleanor has three more siblings, two sisters and a brother from her parents, James Bailey and Devon Aoki. Some details about her brother, James Hunter Bailey Jr., are available online. Who was born in June 2011 to Devon Aoki and father, James Bailey, the same year the couple tied the knot? 

Eleanor can be seen with her siblings in photographs published by her parents on their official social media accounts; however, only a little information is available. All her siblings are similar and can be seen as having a close-knit sibling bond in their pictures. 

Eleanor Bailey’s Physical Appearance 

Eleanor is a perfect mixture of her parents; she inherited her American genes from her father, James Bailey, and German/Japanese genes from her mother, Devon Aoki. 

She has a charming heart-shaped face like her supermodel mother, Aoki, who is known for her distinct soft features. Eleanor has hazel coloured eyes and brown luscious hair locks that give the little girl a charming energy. 

Appearing many times on her parents’ Instagram posts, it’s obvious that Devon Aoki is proud of her daughter and close to Eleanor.

Last Word 

We hope the above article answers all your questions regarding this Hollywood celebrity kid!

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