Discover the Unmistakable Charm of Modern Garden Rooms

In recent years, garden rooms have blossomed into a trend as irresistible as the summer sunshine. These adaptable spaces promise an effortless blend of functionality and aesthetics, offering an extra room within your property without disrupting your lifestyle or stretching your budget.

With a rise in popularity, it’s high time we delve into the enchanting world of garden rooms, especially the fabulous selection from Modern Garden Rooms.

Firstly, let’s consider the Canopy garden room, the jewel of our collection. This cherished design flaunts a captivating cedar-clad exterior and a fixed canopy covering a decked area, perfectly lit with downlights for those cosy evening rendezvous. Whether you need a snug six square metres or a vast 50, this garden room can be tailored to fit your requirements, exhibiting its unbeatable versatility.

Enter the Cube garden room, a sanctuary echoing the balance and perfection of its geometric namesake. This room could serve as your tranquil retreat or a bustling outdoor workspace, sporting a weather-resistant cedar-clad exterior and a spacious decked area. Given its adaptable nature, you can personalize this space to suit your unique taste, transforming your dream garden room into reality.

Our Rendered garden room introduces a dash of modernity with its sleek design, available in an array of over 800 colours. This room’s durable and practical finish ensures it either contrasts or blends into your garden, offering the perfect backdrop for relaxation, work or a home gym.

The Concave garden room takes inspiration from the Canopy, adding enclosed sides for an intimate and private space. Ideal for a home business, treatment room or relaxation hub, the Concave’s design provides unparalleled privacy and seclusion.

Lastly, the Border garden room beautifully amalgamates contemporary finishing with traditional hardwood cladding. The entrance is framed by a striking powder-coated metal trim, available in varied colours to match your preference. Like all our designs, the Border garden room is customizable, letting your vision come to life.

To make the experience even more exciting, our innovative 3D Design Tool allows you to become your own architect.

With just a few clicks, you can customize the size, shape, layout, and even get an instant price estimate for your garden room. When ready, you can finalize your design with our expert team, making the possibilities as endless as your imagination.

You might be wondering if you could have a kitchen or bath in your garden room or whether you could have multiple spaces within using dividers. Well, you most certainly can! We are able to create a design for your garden room that takes into account these amenities and allows for the creation of multiple rooms to accommodate your requirements.

Worried about the cold?

Our garden rooms come with top-tier insulation and customisable heating options, including wall-mounted radiators, underfloor heating and powerful air conditioning. With Modern Garden Rooms, you can ensure a warm, comfortable space throughout the year.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly a garden room can be built, thanks to our prefabrication method. Within a few short weeks, your outdoor haven is ready, without the lengthy waits or exorbitant costs associated with traditional builds.

Regarding the price, it varies according to the size and the specifications, with prices beginning at the amount of £12,959. We’re dedicated to working with your unique budget, crafting a personalised garden room that amplifies your property’s charm and stays within your financial plan.

In a nutshell, garden rooms are a fantastic investment, granting you an extra, flexible space that’s not just cool, but functional, adaptable and utterly stylish. So why wait? Dive into the world of Modern Garden Rooms and experience the magic of indoor comforts in the heart of nature.

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