Dallas Yocum: Everything you need to know about Mike Lindell’s ex-wife

If you’re at all familiar with the name Mike Lindell, then chances are that you’ve heard about his recent divorce from his now ex-wife Dallas Yocum. But who exactly is Dallas Yocum? What was her relationship like with the My Pillow CEO? And what has she been up to since their split? In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about Dallas Yocum and her connection to one of America’s most controversial businessmen. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

Who is Dallas Yocum?

Dallas Yocum is a relatively private individual, so not much is known about her personal life before her relationship with Mike Lindell. However, it’s believed that the two met sometime in the early 2010s and were married for eight years before filing for divorce.

While Dallas may be most well-known for being Mike Lindell’s ex-wife, she actually has an impressive career of her own. According to reports, she worked as a real estate agent and owned several properties throughout their marriage.

Despite being thrust into the public eye due to her connection to Lindell, Dallas seems content living a low-key life these days. She keeps a relatively low profile on social media and rarely speaks out publicly about her former husband or their relationship.

While there isn’t too much information available about Dallas Yocum at this time, it’s clear that she played an important role in Mike Lindell’s life and continues to live independently even after their split.

What is known about her relationship with Mike Lindell?

Dallas Yocum was married to Mike Lindell for many years before their divorce, and little is known about the details of their relationship. However, it is believed that they met in Minnesota where both of them were living at the time. They got married soon after and had two children together.

During her marriage with Lindell, Yocum reportedly helped him start his business by providing financial assistance and supporting him throughout the process. It’s also said that she played an important role in helping MyPillow become a successful company.

Despite their success as a couple, rumors began to circulate about infidelity on both sides which eventually led to their divorce. While neither party has publicly commented on these rumors, some speculate that this may have been a contributing factor in the breakdown of their marriage.

Regardless of what happened between them or why they decided to end things, it’s clear that Dallas Yocum played an integral role not only in Mike Lindell’s personal life but also in his business endeavors. Today, however, she keeps a low profile out of the public eye and little else is known about her current situation or whereabouts.

What has she said about Lindell since their divorce?

Since their divorce, Dallas Yocum has been mostly quiet about her ex-husband Mike Lindell. However, she did speak out in 2018 after a news report alleged that Lindell had cheated on her with a woman he met at a trade show.

In response to the report, Yocum released a statement saying, “I was devastated when I found out about my husband’s infidelity. It was an incredibly painful time for me and our family.”

Yocum also expressed her disappointment in Lindell’s behavior, stating that she believed him to be “a man of strong Christian faith” who valued honesty and integrity.

Despite the turmoil surrounding their divorce, Yocum has remained relatively private about her personal life since then. There have been no public statements from either party regarding any ongoing disputes or issues between them.

It seems that Dallas Yocum prefers to keep her focus on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past.

Where is she now?

After Dallas Yocum’s divorce from Mike Lindell, she has kept a relatively low profile. While little is known about her current whereabouts, it is believed that she has moved back to her hometown in Minnesota.

According to reports, after the split with Lindell, Yocum went on to rebuild her life and focus on raising their children. She was also reported to have taken several jobs over the years as a healthcare worker and worked at a local hospital for some time.

Despite being out of the public eye for many years now, Yocum remains an important figure in Mike Lindell’s life. While their marriage may not have lasted forever, they continue to co-parent their children together.

While there are no official statements or interviews conducted by Dallas since the divorce settlement was reached with Mike Lindell; sources suggest that she has chosen privacy over media spotlighting.

It seems like Dallas Yocum prefers living away from any unnecessary attention while focusing on raising her family and enjoying relative anonymity.


Dallas Yocum may not be a household name, but her connection to Mike Lindell and the MyPillow empire has put her in the spotlight. As Lindell’s ex-wife, she has shared some insights into their relationship and his rise to fame. While little is known about what she is currently doing, it’s clear that Dallas Yocum played a significant role in shaping Mike Lindell’s life and career.

Her story reminds us that sometimes the people behind successful individuals remain unknown or overlooked. However, they have their own stories worth telling, and Dallas Yocum’s experience sheds light on how complicated relationships can be even amidst success. Ultimately, we should strive to acknowledge all those who helped us along our journey towards success – whether they are well-known or not.

Dallas Yocum may no longer be with Mike Lindell or actively involved in MyPillow operations today; nonetheless, she remains an important part of its history. She serves as a reminder that every person plays an integral role in shaping someone else’s life – for better or worse- something we should always keep in mind as we go through our own lives.

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