Box dutch acquires SignRequest for 55 million to expand into e-signatures

Box Dutch has announced the acquisition of SignRequest, a leading provider of e-signature software. The acquisition expands Box Dutch’s capabilities in the growing digital signature space and strengthens its position as a data capture and processing company. The acquisition will give Box Dutch access to SignRequest’s customer base of over 50,000 organizations in 180 countries, including many of the world’s largest enterprise companies. In addition to providing customers with digital signatures, the SignRequest platform helps businesses automate processes such as online forms and contact management. SignRequest CEO and co-founder, Michael Barrett, will join Box Dutch as Chief Technology Officer. Barrett will continue to lead SignRequest’s product strategy and lead development of new features for the company’s signature solution. “We are excited to enter this new phase of our company with Box Dutch as our partner,” said Barrett. “Box Dutch has a strong enterprise focus and an impressive track record of success building global companies. We look forward to working with them to help our customers achieve even more through our signature platform.”

What is Box Dutch?

Box Dutch is a software company that specializes in e-signatures and electronic signatures. They acquired SignRequest in March of this year for a million dollars. This acquisition will help Box Dutch expand their services into the e-signature market.

E-signatures are a way to digitally sign documents using digital signatures. They allow users to verify the authenticity of a document, and they can create signatures that can be shared with others. Box Dutch plans on using SignRequest’s technology to enable users to create and sign documents without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

This acquisition is significant for Box Dutch because it expands their reach into the e-signature market. The market is growing rapidly, and there is a lot of demand for services like these. By acquiring SignRequest, Box Dutch has made themselves one of the leading providers of e-signature technology in the world.

What is SignRequest?


November 30, 2017 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – BOX Dutch Holding B.V. (“BOX” or the “Company”) announced today that it has acquired SignRequest for $ million in cash. With this acquisition, BOX will be able to expand its offerings into e-signatures more effectively and efficiently.

E-signatures are a fundamental part of a secure electronic signing ecosystem and have become increasingly important as businesses strive to comply with Requirements for Secure Electronic Transactions (REST) set by the European Union (EU). BOX believes that its acquisition of SignRequest will help it provide better services and support for its customers in this growing market.

The Company plans to use the proceeds from the acquisition to strengthen its position in the e-signature market, which is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.

What are the Box Dutch Plans?

Box Dutch acquires SignRequest for million to expand into e-signatures.

Box Dutch, a leading provider of cloud-based sign solutions, has announced the acquisition of SignRequest, a world leader in electronic signature technology. With this acquisition, Box Dutch will be able to add electronic signatures to its existing suite of cloud-based sign solutions.

According to the Box Dutch press release, the acquisition is intended “to enlarge [the company’s] portfolio and increase its market share in the rapidly growing field of e-signatures.” The release goes on to say that Box Dutch plans to use SignRequest’s technology “to create new features and capabilities for its customers” and “to provide even better customer service.”

The addition of electronic signatures to Box Dutch’s suite of services is likely to appeal not only to customers who need them for legal purposes but also those who want more secure ways to SIGN things online. In addition, the move could benefit Box Dutch by broadening its customer base beyond corporate clients who already rely on its products.

How does Box Dutch work?

Box Dutch has acquired SignRequest, a provider of e-signature technology, for a million dollars. This acquisition will help Box Dutch expand its capabilities into the e-signature market.

The main benefits of e-signatures are that they are faster and more secure than traditional signatures. They also allow companies to avoid the costs associated with traditional signature processes, such as hiring signature astute professionals and maintaining a large signature collection.

Box Dutch is hoping that this acquisition will allow it to become a leading provider of e-signature technology in the industry.


Box Dutch, a provider of e-signature software, has announced that it has acquired SignRequest for 55 million euros. The acquisition will help Box Dutch expand its product offerings into the e-signature market, which is predicted to grow from $8.5 billion in 2017 to $12.9 billion by 2021. With this investment, Box Dutch joins a select group of companies that are well positioned to capitalize on the growing trend of electronic signatures and transactions.

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