Bold and Beautiful – Dramatic Wedding Makeup Looks for 2023

Wedding trends are forever evolving. Each year, brides and grooms look for innovative ways to express their personalities, be it through their choice of venue, dress, décor, or even a wedding videographer to capture their big day. However, one facet of the wedding day that has always held sway over brides, in particular, is makeup. This year, the palette trends toward the bold and the beautiful, emphasizing dramatic looks that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

1. The Vivid Monochrome Look

For brides who truly want to make a statement, the vivid monochrome look is all the rage. Using one bold color throughout, this look blends shades of the same hue on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Think deep burgundies or bright corals. While it might seem a bit audacious, when executed correctly, it imparts an ethereal, otherworldly glow that few can resist.

2. Glistening Metallics

Metallics have always had a special place in the heart of makeup aficionados. But in 2023, the trend is leaning towards soft, glistening metallics rather than stark shimmers. A hint of gold on the eyelids or a delicate touch of silver in the inner corner of the eyes can illuminate the face, making brides look radiant under the spotlight – and, of course, in the videos shot by their wedding videographer.

3. Dramatic Cat Eyes

This timeless look has returned with a twist. Instead of the conventional black or brown liner, brides are now opting for bold hues like royal blue or forest green to create a captivating cat-eye. The result? A mesmerizing gaze that commands attention.

4. The Statement Lip

Gone are the days of playing it safe with nudes and soft pinks. This year is all about making a statement. Plums, reds, and even deep browns have gained popularity. These colors, when paired with understated eye makeup, can make the lips the star of the show.

5. Ethereal Glows with Soft Highlighters

In contrast to the bold color choices, highlighters in 2023 are all about subtlety. Soft, creamy highlighters that give a gentle glow rather than an overt shine are the bride’s best friend this year. Applied to the high points of the face, they create an almost angelic aura, making the bride look as if she’s just stepped out of a fairy tale.

6. Luxe Lashes

While dramatic makeup looks dominate 2023, the lashes have taken a slightly different route. Brides are shying away from overtly long extensions. Instead, they are choosing voluminous lashes that give the eyes depth without overwhelming them. Paired with a smoky eye or even a simple eyeliner, these lashes add the perfect touch of glamour.


2023 is shaping up to be a year of juxtapositions in the world of wedding makeup. It’s a mix of the bold and the understated, the vivid and the soft. But amidst all the evolving trends, the essence remains unchanged: to make every bride feel beautiful, confident, and truly herself. After all, while a wedding videographer can capture the magic of the day, it’s the bride’s inner radiance, amplified by her chosen makeup look, that truly shines through and makes every frame memorable.

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