Are Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross still friends?

Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross were the dynamic duo that took the music industry by storm in the mid-2000s with their band Panic! At The Disco. They created a cult following among young adults who resonated with their unique sound, theatrical performances, and unconventional style. However, as time passed, fans began to notice an unspoken distance between Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross. This has led many to wonder: are Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross still friends? In this blog post, we will delve into the history of their friendship and explore what could have caused any potential rifts between them.

Who are Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross?

Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross are two musicians who were the founding members of Panic! At The Disco, an American rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brendon Urie is the lead vocalist of the band and also plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, and keyboard. On the other hand, Ryan Ross was one of its original members who played guitar and provided backup vocals.

The duo met each other while they were still in high school and bonded over their mutual love for music. They started writing songs together at a young age and eventually formed Panic! At The Disco with two other friends.

Their debut album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” released in 2005 became an instant hit among fans worldwide. It catapulted them to fame with hits such as “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” which received immense critical acclaim.

Since then, Brendon Urie has continued to lead Panic! At The Disco through various musical changes while Ryan Ross decided to part ways from the band back in 2009 to pursue his solo career.

The History of Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross’s Friendship

Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross’s friendship dates back to their high school days in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two met each other while attending the same school and quickly bonded over their shared love for music.

They formed a band called Panic! at the Disco in 2004 along with Brent Wilson and Spencer Smith. Brendon was initially brought on board as a guitarist but eventually took up the role of lead vocalist after Ryan saw his potential during one of their rehearsals.

Their debut album ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ released in 2005 received critical acclaim, making them an overnight sensation. The success of the album led to extensive touring across America and Europe, further strengthening Brendon and Ryan’s bond.

However, things started to change when Ryan began working on solo projects outside of Panic! at the Disco. He left the band in 2009 citing creative differences with Brendon which left many fans heartbroken.

Despite this bump in their friendship, they continued to support each other from afar with Brendon even co-writing some songs for Ryan’s new band ‘The Young Veins’. In recent years there have been rumors about a possible reunion between them but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Despite experiencing some ups and downs throughout their journey together, it is clear that Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross share an unbreakable bond forged by their mutual passion for creating music.

The Current Status of Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross’s Friendship

As of 2021, the current status of Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross’s friendship remains unknown to the public. Although they were once bandmates in Panic! At The Disco, their relationship has seemingly cooled off over the years.

Fans speculate that there might be some distance between them due to creative differences during their time in the band. Additionally, both have pursued solo careers after leaving Panic! At The Disco which may have caused a rift between them as well.

Despite this speculation, neither Brendon nor Ryan has openly talked about their friendship or lack thereof in recent years. This leaves fans with nothing but unanswered questions and room for interpretation.

Regardless of whether they are still friends or not, it is important to remember that friendships evolve over time and sometimes people simply grow apart. It is ultimately up to Brendon and Ryan themselves to decide what kind of relationship they want to maintain moving forward.

What Could Have Caused the Distance Between Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross?

There has been much speculation about what could have caused the distance between Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross. While neither of them have publicly spoken about their falling out, there are some clues that suggest potential reasons.

One possibility is creative differences. As members of Panic! at the Disco, Urie and Ross both had a hand in writing music for the band’s albums. However, as time went on, it became clear that Urie was taking more control over the songwriting process. This may have led to tensions between the two friends.

Another factor could be personal issues outside of their music careers. It’s possible that they simply grew apart as people or experienced conflicts in their personal lives that strained their friendship.

It’s worth noting that friendships can change and evolve naturally over time without any specific reason or cause for conflict. Whatever happened between Urie and Ross might not necessarily be something dramatic or intense – it could just be a matter of growing apart over years of being in different places mentally and emotionally.

Ultimately, we may never know exactly why Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross aren’t as close as they used to be. Fans will continue to speculate based on interviews, social media posts, and rumors – but at the end of the day, only Urie and Ross truly know what happened behind closed doors.


The friendship between Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross has been a topic of interest for fans of Panic! at the Disco for years. While they were once close friends and bandmates, it appears that their relationship has cooled in recent years.

Despite this distance, both Urie and Ross have continued to pursue successful careers in music. Whether or not they will ever reunite remains to be seen, but fans will always cherish the memories of their time together in Panic! at the Disco.

It’s important to remember that friendships can change over time, especially as people grow and evolve. All we can do is wish both Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross all the best in their respective endeavors, whether they are still friends or not.

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