Alison Victoria Husband: Is The HGTV Star Married?

Alison Victoria is a popular TV host, interior designer, and a familiar face to fans of HGTV. Known for her charismatic personality and impressive design skills, Alison has hosted numerous shows on the network.

The shows include ‘Windy City Rehab, ‘Rock the Block,’ and ‘Kitchen Crashers.’ However, despite her professional success, fans are curious about her personal life, especially her marriage. In this article, we’ll answer the burning question: Is Alison Victoria still married to her husband?

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Is Alison Victoria Currently Married?

Alison Victoria is not married. Following her divorce in 2019, Alison has not publicly revealed any new romantic relationships. She has also not been spotted with any new partners in public or on social media.

Although Alison Victoria has kept her personal life private. She has continued to focus on her career in the home renovation and interior design industry. Additionally, Alison has started her furniture line, Alison Victoria Collection, which features high-quality furniture pieces inspired by her designs.

Even though Alison is not currently married, she has not ruled out the possibility of finding love again in the future. However, her main focus is on her career. She has expressed her desire to continue creating innovative designs and building her brand.

Alison Victoria Husband

In an interview with Forbes, Alison Victoria shared her passion for her work and the importance of balancing her career with her personal life. She explained that she wants to build a successful brand that will have a lasting impact on the industry, while also making time for her family and friends.

A Little About Alison Victoria’s Marriage

Alison Victoria got married to her ex-husband Luke Harding in 2013. The couple met in Las Vegas, where Alison was working as an interior designer, and her ex-husband was running a construction company. They fell in love and got married in a lavish wedding ceremony in Chicago. However, the couple decided to separate and filed for divorce in 2019, after six years of marriage.

Despite the split, Alison has remained private about the details of her divorce. And has not publicly commented on the reasons behind the separation. And with the challenges of the divorce, Alison Victoria has remained strong and focused on her career.

Alison Victoria Spouse

Alison Victoria’s Life After The Divorce

Alison has not spoken publicly about the details of the impact it had on her personal life. But she has been open about her struggles with mental health in the aftermath of the split. In an interview with an outlet, she shared that she had to take a break from social media to focus on herself and her healing process. However, she has since returned to her work with renewed energy and determination.

Alison Victoria’s Future Plans

Despite her personal challenges, Alison Victoria remains passionate about her work and has exciting plans for the future. In addition to her furniture line, she has also hinted at the possibility of launching her own design firm. She has also expressed interest in expanding her brand beyond TV and into other areas of media, such as podcasts or books.

Alison Victoria Love Life


As Alison Victoria continues to pursue her passion for interior design and media, fans can expect to see even more exciting projects from the talented HGTV star in the future. Hope you enjoyed reading about her story. Share your views in the comments below.

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