Affordable Steps to Burglar-Proofing your Property

Crime statistics across the developed world are not getting any better. In fact, with significant cuts to the funding of police forces that lack the resources and manpower to follow up on call outs, the lack of deterrent is leading to a veritable increase in home burglaries. 

In fact, car thefts have rocketed by 40 per cent, and motorcycle thefts have increased by a staggering 113 per cent compared to the previous year.

Generally home security methods have significantly come down in price in recent years, with the arrival of low cost camera surveillance cameras such as Ring, and relatively cheap smart phone functionality which can help you keep an eye on your property in real time. 

Here are a few more tips and tricks to help you improve on your home security. Most are affordable, cheap to run, and are preventative methods which will give you better peace of mind when you are away from your property.

Let the burglar know you’re watching him!

Prevention will always be better than cure, and if your burglar believes that you are keeping a good eye on your property even when you’re obviously away, then they are less likely to make an attempt. You can do this easily and cheaply by putting up clear warning signs – signs which warn of CCTV being in operation, or that there is a dog on the premises. 

It does not actually matter if there are or not – in order to check the validity of the signs your burglar will be wasting precious time. Most burglars will give up attempting entry after just a few minutes.

Prevent easy vehicular access in and out of your premises

An open driveway is an invitation to a car thief. Two of the simplest and cheapest ways of preventing your car from being taken are:

  1. Don’t leave your keys by the front door. Hide them away in a hidden place which is tucked out of view, preferably in a draw where the electronic signals cannot be detected by a scanner.
  2. Install Ramco security bollards on your driveway. Cheap, robust, and an immediate visual preventative measure that will stop any car theft in their tracks. 

Gravel pathways

Landscaping for security is a trick that not many homeowners consider. While someone can silently creep across your property if they are walking on concrete pathways or driveways, it is very difficult to be silent when crunching through gravel. Consider laying gravel down around entrance doors and windows, all the points of entry where stealth is required. 

Also consider installing a frosted layer across the lower windows ay eye height. If a burglar cannot see into the property, and cannot get a good view of the potential loot, then they are less likely to take the risk and break into your property.

Light and noise

Darkness, shadows and silence are a thief’s friend. Install his enemies – lights and noise. Sensor security lights are a brilliant addition to your security protocol, as they will shine a spotlight on any unexpected movement. A barking dog alarm will also make the determined burglar think twice. This device mimics the sound of a barking dog when someone approaches. 

Noth these items will also alert your neighbour. Fostering good relations with your neighbour so that you can each keep an eye on each other’s properties when away on holiday will give you all that extra layer of reassurance and comfort. 

Being the victim of a burglary is always a frightening and anxiety-inducing experience, so the more layers of security and protection that you can impose over your home, the better. Ultimately most thieves are looking for easy pickings, so for every obstacle you impose, the more chance you have of them giving up and waking away empty handed.

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