Adding a Digital Signature to Your PDF With a Free Online Fax Tool

Digital signatures help close deals faster and demonstrate your company’s efficiency. They also improve security and provide traceability.

Quickly edit, fill out, and sign PDF documents online. Create and share a trusted link for each signature with a click so anyone can e-sign from any device immediately.


Whether you’re a business owner or a private individual, chances are you need to sign documents in PDF format occasionally. Some of these may be contracts, nondisclosure agreements, or even online forms you use to collect data from your respondents. You may also need to e-sign your documents, like a paycheck or a tax form. Traditionally, you’d print, sign, and scan the document, but this process can be time-consuming and inefficient.

The good news is that there are several ways how to add digital signature to PDF. You can do so using a free online PDF signing tool, or you can do it on your computer with the help of software programs.

If you’re using Adobe Acrobat or Reader, click the Fill & Sign button in the Tools pane. This opens a pop-up window with three options — Type, Draw, and Image. Please choose one of the options and then drag, resize, and position it inside your PDF file.


Adding an image of your handwritten signature into a PDF document is possible and a great way to add a personal touch. It is a quick and easy process, with only a few steps. It can be completed on a mobile device, tablet, or PC.

You can use a common application on either Windows or macOS to sign documents with a digital signature. You can make your signature image or select from the app’s range of prepared ones using your mouse or touchpad. The software will then scan the document for potential e-signature fields and automatically detect them for you.

It will then ask you to approve the document and confirm your identity to ensure the authorized person has signed it. You can then save the document and send it to any fax machine or online faxing service worldwide.

If the PDF file you want to sign is password-protected, you can unlock it using a free online tool. Once you do, you can resave the file without password security and sign it with your preferred software. Many tools available on the web will unlock PDF files for you, so be sure to check them out before choosing one.


Using an image to sign a PDF document is a convenient and quick way to verify the authenticity of a signature. Time, money, and paper are saved by using this procedure instead of printing, scanning, and physically signing paper papers.

It also ensures the security of documents by restricting access to them. PDF documents are perfect for business and legal agreements since they can be password- or encryption-protected. Adding an image signature to a secure PDF document can help you meet regulatory compliance requirements.

To add a signature to a secured PDF document, select “Select PDF File” and pick your desired PDF. Once your file is uploaded, select “New Signature” from the top menu to create your signature. Choose “Text” to enter your signature or “Draw” to create one with your mouse or touchscreen. You can then adjust the size and position of your signature.

When finished, save your signature and download it to a preferred location. You can also upload multiple files at once to create a single signable document, and the auto-detector will automatically detect fields for you. The auto-detector uses machine learning to scan your file for potential e-sign fields. If you want to keep the fields it finds, click the green Keep All button. Otherwise, you can discard the fields it found and add your own.


The option to go digital is available if you need to sign documents or get signatures from other people. Forget the old sign-and-scan method; now, you can quickly complete PDF forms with an electronic signature on your phone or tablet – anytime, anywhere.

Adding a signature to a PDF document is as simple as a few clicks with the Fill & Sign tool in Adobe Acrobat. Upload your file, create a form and signature field, and either click to accept the automatically detected form and signature or drag and drop your own to place it where you want it. When you’re finished, click ‘Send’ to instantly email each recipient and receive a copy of the signed document in your secure Adobe Document Cloud folder.

You can also create a signature by typing, drawing, or uploading an image to the document. You can even add a date to the document to be referenced. If you want to add a timestamp to your signature, select the option and provide your preferred time and date.

If you’re using a Mac computer, the built-in free PDF tool Preview is your best option to add an online signature to your documents. A top third-party free PDF signature app helps you realize this task hassle-free.

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