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9 Tips For Selling Your Property Easily And Quickly

You are an owner but your personal or professional situation has changed. Or perhaps you have invested in rental accommodation that you now want to get rid of. In short, you need to resell your property. You are no doubt imagining a long and tedious journey.

Rest assured! There are a few simple rules to attract potential buyers and speed up the sale of your house or apartment. Here are 9 essential tips to sell your property as easily and quickly as possible!

1. Improve The Attractiveness Of Your Property

To be seduced by the house or apartment you wish to part with, potential buyers need to envision it. Before thinking about visits, make sure that your property is:

  • Own.
  • Decluttered and tidy.
  • Depersonalized,
  • Luminous.
  • Repair small visible defects.

If necessary, call on a home staging professional who will help you revamp the home at a lower cost, using simple and effective decoration techniques.

2. Have The Mandatory Real Estate Diagnostics Carried Out

Before placing it on the market, you must call on a certified expert to carry out the obligatory real estate diagnostics. These documents attest to the state of your property in different aspects: energy performance, asbestos status, lead diagnosis, etc. Their number and nature depend on the age, location, and equipment of the accommodation.

The technical diagnostic file must be given to the purchaser at the time of signing the sales agreement. You thus respect the legal obligation and offer a guarantee of transparency to your buyer.

3. Determine The Ideal Selling Price For Your Property

If you had to remember just one of our tips for selling your property, it would probably be this one! You must offer your accommodation at a price adapted to the market. An amount that is too high risks scaring away buyers, while a price that is too low can arouse distrust.

To estimate the value of your house or apartment, study the price of similar properties located in your neighborhood then contact a real estate agency such as “Burnett Home Buyers“. Don’t settle for just one estimate to get a reliable average.

Are you slow to sell your property despite numerous visits? The price may be wrong. The market may have evolved. Request a new estimate.

4. Use A Competent Real Estate Agent

Would you like to sell your property without worrying too much about administrative procedures? Entrust your project to a real estate agency. Your contact will be responsible for posting your ad, selecting potential buyers, organizing visits, negotiating the price, and drafting the sales agreement.

To choose a competent real estate agency such as Burnett Home Buyers, find out about its reputation, experience, fees, and knowledge of the local market. If you opt for an exclusive mandate, the chosen real estate agent will do everything possible to sell your property quickly. But you can also decide to place several agencies in competition, via a simple sales mandate.

5. Check The Clarity And Visibility Of Your Ad

Whether you go through a real estate agency or opt for a transaction between individuals, your ad must be both visible and attractive.

The real estate agent is experienced in the exercise. He will be able to highlight the strong points of the accommodation and meet the expectations of buyers while respecting legal obligations. The writing of a real estate advertisement is regulated.

If you write it yourself, make sure to include all the necessary information, and add some good-quality photos, showing your property in its best light.

6. Prepare Your Sales File

A complete sales file will allow you to avoid any delay when establishing the promise of sale or signing the final deed at the notary.

To the obligatory real estate diagnostics you will need to attach several other documents: the title deed of the property and, where applicable, the co-ownership regulations, the minutes of the last general meetings, the invoices corresponding to the work carried out, etc.

Be careful, a missing real estate diagnosis can cancel the sale or call into question the agreed price.

7. Answer Buyers’ Questions

During a viewing, a potential buyer always asks many questions. Be ready to answer them and provide them with information about the accommodation and its immediate environment:

  • What is the surface area of ​​the living room?
  • How is the house or apartment displayed?
  • What is the approximate amount of property tax?
  • Is the area well served by public transport?

Don’t forget to draw buyers’ attention to the assets of your property. A judicious comment can sometimes make a difference!

8. Choose The Purchase Offer That Suits You

The purchase offer is in the form of a written document in which the buyer offers you a price for your home. You can validate it, refuse it, or send a counteroffer. Think about your negotiating margin in advance so as not to be caught off guard. In theory, if you receive an offer to purchase at the asking price, you are required to accept it.

You must then sign the sales agreement within the allotted time, before a notary or with the help of the real estate agency.

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