7 Myths About VA and Veterans Benefits Debunked

Many veterans are shying off VA benefits because of the many myths associated with the program. As a veteran, you can file for, access, and utilize VA benefits for personal and family needs. For this reason, learning about and debunking the many associated myths is crucial. This guide lets you learn the truth about VA and the veterans’ benefits and helps you make informed decisions. 

VA Benefits Are Only for Veterans With Total and Permanent Disability

While many veterans applying for VA benefits are those with total and permanent disabilities, any other veteran deserves the benefits. This myth lowers the confidence of many veterans with genuine problems, making it hard for them to seek help. As long as you have medical reports ascertaining your disability as a veteran, you deserve to file a claim. Even after your initial application, try to appeal to increase success chances.

The More Time Passes, the Less Qualified One Is for VA Benefits

Regardless of their active duty season and the services provided, every veteran deserves to get and utilize VA benefits. Your disability is the sole proof of your qualifications as a veteran. Don’t get discouraged after staying out of service for too long. With a VA claim, no statute of limitations makes your case viable and your problem valid. Seek help and use the veterans disability calculator to understand your possibility in the fight for VA benefits.

Having Your Condition Diagnosis Missing in Military Records Is a Disqualification

While diagnosing your condition on military records is paramount, VA medical records or private medical reports can still serve your interest. If you believe your time as an active serviceman is the reason for your current disability, you have every right to fight for VA benefits. If the condition remains undiagnosed, the first step should be seeing a doctor and getting an extensive medical report. What the medical report states determines the direction your claim takes.

Women Veterans Can’t Get Needed Care With VA Benefits

VA benefits serve both male and female veterans. While most veterans filing for VA claims are men, women can still take legal action and seek compensation. Both genders need primary care to address mental health issues, physical disability, and other veteran disability as stipulated by the law. While some primary care needs can vary, women veterans need and can utilize the benefits.

Only Combat Veterans Qualify for VA Benefits

You don’t need combat experience to qualify for VA health care and benefits. Besides the health care benefits, veterans need social and financial support to address their immediate and future needs. PTSD, physical health problems, depression, and substance abuse are non-combative reasons veterans can seek VA benefits. Learning about the requirements and seeking expert guidance to file a VA benefits claim interests you.

After Getting a VA Disability Rating, You Can’t Apply Again

Unless you quit, the VA disability process is ongoing. This also means a veteran can apply for the benefits as often as possible. Many factors, including worsening medical conditions, can compel you to apply again despite getting a VA disability rating. If you’re eligible for other benefits besides the ones initially applied for, submit a reapplication.

Getting a Mental Health VA Rating Means Losing Security Clearance

The factors determining your security clearance as a veteran don’t relate to those influencing your mental health VA rating. If you take medication and seek expert help, losing your security clearance due to your mental health rating is impossible. Ensure you disclose any information on your medical condition that might impact your performance as a veteran to protect your security clearance.

Debunking the different myths about VA and veterans’ benefits is important. Getting the facts helps make informed decisions as a veteran. This also means you get help and address your problems easily.

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