3 Essential Android Apps for Every Driver

Cars are getting smarter. Smartphone apps are getting more and more advanced. Now drivers have more opportunities to take care of their vehicles. This applies not only to car care but also to the convenience of driver, who can use many Android applications while traveling. 

Now every driver can download a navigator that will report on road conditions, an application for listening to their favorite music, audiobooks and podcasts, and many other applications. Such apps can also be used when you travel and rent a car. 

You can rent any car anywhere in the world, whether it is a vintage car Dubai, a sports car in Berlin, an economy car in Sydney or any other. Car rentals will offer you a rental car that will suit all your needs. In addition, rental car prices are getting cheaper, which allows travelers to drive even luxury rental vehicles. For convenience, you can install travel applications on your Android smartphone, which will make your trip even more convenient. 

There are other types of applications that drivers can use. They aim to help drivers maintain their vehicles and keep regular service in mind, look for the cheapest gas prices, and much more. We will talk about the most useful applications for drivers and car owners. 

Essential Android apps 

My car 

How often do you forget that you need to change the oil in your car or replace wearing parts? With a busy lifestyle, it’s quite difficult to keep track of all the important things related to your car. That is why many drivers prefer to rent a vehicle rather than own it. Car rentals service the cars, and the customers just enjoy driving. Moreover, with current rental prices, drivers can even afford to rent luxury cars. You can check to see if exotic vehicle rental prices are affordable. 

If you own a car, now you don’t have to keep all this information in your head, because you can install this application that will become your car care assistant. This is a powerful application that will send you reminders when you need to replace something or take your vehicle to service. You can track maintenance and gas expenses. And also manage several vehicles if there are two or more cars in your family. 


Looking at what’s going on in the world right now, gas prices can be staggering. Especially, it is sensitive for owners of powerful iron horses that consume a lot of fuel. This is also true for those who often travel by car on business trips or road trips with their families

The easiest option is to come to the nearest gas station. However, with this app, you can track the gas stations that have the lowest fuel prices. The biggest advantage is that you can become part of a large community of users of this application. 

You can contribute by changing the prices at certain gas stations if you find that they are incorrect. Moreover, active users who help others get up-to-date information can receive one hundred dollars for their fuel purchase for their contribution. 


Finding a free parking space is a headache for all drivers. In large cities, it is quite difficult to navigate this, so many drivers receive tickets. Now you can, thanks to this application, find free parking in advance. 

If free parking lots are full, then you can find one that is cheaper than all the others in the area where you need to leave your vehicle. What’s more, the app will alert you about street cleaning so you can pick up your vehicle. Users can contribute by adding images from parking spaces and new road signs. 


Drivers using modern applications can get a lot of convenience. You can find travel apps that help you get directions, listen to music, and more. Some apps will help you keep track of maintenance, calculate fuel and repair costs, find the cheapest fuel, and much more. 

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