14 delicious summer desserts

In this post, we will touch on the many options for making summer desserts and what elements are needed to make your summer dessert delicious, refreshing and appetizing.

Summer is the time of year when you want to relax and enjoy some delicious sweets. There is nothing better than a beautiful and refreshing dessert on a hot summer day. But what makes a good summer dessert? It’s a question that many chefs ask themselves when they start planning their summer menu. Fortunately, there are many options and many delicious ingredients to choose from for your summer desserts, such as strawberries, rhubarb, gooseberries, elderflower and many other delicious things. But what actually applies when you have to make a good summer dessert and which elements are important? You can read this below and in our Kastbergs Blog

What makes a good summer dessert? 

The right ingredients

Most summer desserts are made from fruit or berries, which are light and refreshing – perfect for the summer heat. Make sure to choose fresh fruit or berries which are in season and therefore the best in terms of quality and taste. You can try combining different fruits and berries to create a unique and exciting taste experience. Examples of delicious fruits that can be used in delicious summer desserts are strawberries (of course), rhubarb, raspberries, elderflower as well as some more special berries such as gooseberries and currants, which can evoke nostalgic memories for many adults who may have received these in their parents’ or grandparents’ gardens.


Second, presentation is important. A summer dessert looks better when it is colorful and inviting. Use different colors and textures to create a beautiful presentation. You can also decorate the dessert with fresh berries or flowers to add an extra touch of elegance.


Third, it’s about the balance between sweet and sour. As previously mentioned, it is important to choose fruit or berries that are light and refreshing. But you must also ensure that you create a good balance between sweet and sour flavours. You can add a bit of sugar or honey to adjust the sweet taste, and some citrus or tart berries to give a sour taste.

Make your dessert light and fluffy

Summer desserts should not be heavy and rich, as it can feel too heavy in the heat. Instead, try using ingredients that make your dessert light and airy. For example, whip whipped cream or meringue, which can add a delicious texture and at the same time make the dessert more inviting.

Different textures

Fourth, you can experiment with different textures. Eating foods with different textures is fun. Try adding something crunchy or crunchy to your summer dessert. You can use nuts, biscuits, candied fruit or chocolate to create a wonderful texture contrast.


Fifth and finally, remember to be creative. A good summer dessert doesn’t have to be traditional. Try experimenting with different flavors and textures to create something unique and special. There are no limits to what you can invent – just let your imagination run wild!

In collaboration with selected customers, we have made these desserts, which you can use for your inspiration. Click on them and learn even more about them.

Here you will get 14 delicious summer desserts

A walk in the woods

This dessert really goes to work with the presentation and different textures, each representing things you might find on the forest floor on a brisk walk. See i.a. the super nice stone of Greek yogurt, as well as all the other elements you can find in this dessert, which is of course served with Kastberg’s apple sorbet.

Lemon fromage with gooseberry sorbet

Here is a summer dessert with lots of acidity and nostalgia that is light and airy and has some different textures that are so interesting to the taste buds. The lemon curd is close to the perfect dessert, as it has many different elements such as airy sour, sweet and fresh, and as I said, it also plays with the different textures. Read more about it in the link above.

Carrot cake with orange sorbet

Here, the focus is largely on the carrot, which you will also be able to see and read if you click on the beautiful dessert. There are many elements of carrot in this, for example carrot parfait, carrot cake, carrot jelly and of course it is served with Kastberg’s Orange Sorbet, which gives a lovely freshness and acidity in this dessert, which also largely plays with the beautiful presentation and different textures.

Festive balloons

This dessert with festive balloons of passion fruit sorbet and raspberry jelly, as well as various other elements is really fun and beautiful, and can be perfect for celebrating a festive occasion. It also plays a bit with seasonal fruits and different textures such as crumble, mousse, sorbet and jelly, so there are many elements at play.

Vegan strawberry dessert

This vegan strawberry dessert is a really delicious summer dessert for the vegan. We have a lot of different textures going on here, and a balance between the sour and the sweet. Among other things. a strawberry and coconut tart with toasted coconut, cream and vegan chocolate Naturally served with our lovely strawberry sorbet.

Pickled melon with elderflower sorbet

The always perfumed elderflower is here joined by the pickled melon, to which it provides an elegant counterpoint. Two opposites in both taste and texture meet. Although the device is simple, it is super nice. Learn more about it.

Summer dessert with rhubarb sorbet

Here is a summer dessert with rhubarb in focus. Here you get, among other things, baked rhubarb, rhubarb biscotti and of course rhubarb sorbet from Kastbergs. It is light and refreshing, contributes with summer ingredients, has different textures and a nice presentation. Learn more about this summer dessert from the Michelin-crowned Glücksburg Strandhotel. 

Cheesecake with strawberry sorbet

Cheesecake is really delicious and gives a delicious sour taste in itself. If a cold shell cheesecake wasn’t enough to call it a summer dessert, then it is also served with rhubarb, fresh strawberries, delicious herbs and strawberry sorbet. This is truly a delicious dessert that must and must be enjoyed. It has a good balance between sour and sweet, it is beautiful and with various textures, not too heavy and it is not least creative. It has very good running.

Mousse with Strawberry Sorbet

This summer dessert consists of 3 times mousse, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate mousse, and of course it is served with strawberry sorbet, to incorporate a pure taste of Danish summer in this simple and delicious dessert.

Crème Brûlée with Rhubarb Sorbet

The classic French Créme Brülèe is extremely popular worldwide, and can be made and combined in terms of taste in many different ways, perhaps that is why it is so popular. It is easily adapted to the summer menu, i.a. using Kastberg’s very clean tasting sorbets, where strawberry, elderflower and gooseberry would all be good bets to add some acidity and a taste of summer. Here, however, Knudhule Badehotel has chosen the elegant taste of rhubarb to give this summer dessert some edge with our Rhubarb Sorbet.

Freeze-dried rhubarb with Rhubarb Sorbet

Another summer dessert that goes really well with rhubarb. Here it is a dessert from ‘A Hereford Beefstouw’, where they have gone all in on the rhubarb with, among other things, freeze-dried rhubarb and rhubarb cream, as well as Kastberg’s Rhubarb Sorbet. This dessert was developed by Jakob Møller, who was previously head chef at the Michelin restaurant Frederikshøj.

Youghurt-strawberry cake with rhubarb sorbet

Here you get the classic strawberry cake with a twist. It is made with yoghurt to also give it a slightly more acidic element. If you click on the dessert, you can see how much attention has been paid to the presentation and appearance of this dessert, and there are also a lot of exciting textures and colors at play here.

Rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream

A nice and delicious rhubarb pie from A Hereford Beefstouw’s gastronomic chef Jakob Møller. Rhubarb in several shapes and sizes is available here with rhubarb pie, curd and crumble, which give different textures and nuances of taste. This time the vanilla is brought in to provide a cold, aromatic and sweet counterpoint to the slightly acidic dessert.

Pavlova with elderflower sorbet

Here you get a summer dessert, where you really work with summer berries and flavors and experiment with different textures. A base of porous pavlova is a good contrast to most other textures. That is why this summer dessert is both crunchy and airy, and is therefore served with both raspberries and raspberry compote as well as elderflower sorbet, which together make for a light and fresh dessert.

We have now given our take on a lot of delicious summer desserts and collected them in one place right here, to make it easy for you to find inspiration for this summer’s dessert menu. For this we have had the help of many of our customers, who continuously deliver a lot of beautiful desserts that you can use just for your inspiration. We have seen the various elements that make up a good summer dessert being used in a creative way.

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