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China economy

China’s economy is growing at a slower rate than expected

The year-on-year growth rate was severely distorted by the COVID-induced fall so growth decreased significantly from a record 18.3% expansion in January-March. China’s Economy growth grew at a slower pace than expected in the second quarter due to a decrease in manufacturing activity, increasing raw material costs, and fresh COVID-19 breakouts slowed the restoration. According […]

British Flights

Russia- Restricted British Flights Operation In Country

Yesterday Russia’s Federal Department for Commercial Aviation announced that British flights, as well as aircraft owned, leased, or managed by a person affiliated with the United Kingdom, are prohibited from crossing the country’s airspace.  According to the Russian source, this move was posted as a reply to the UK government’s proposal to ban Russian flights […]

Western sanctions

Kremlin-Will retaliate against Western sanctions

The Kremlin says it’ll strike back against Western sanctions. The Russian president will also make several international telephone calls today. The Kremlin says it clearly recognizes Zelensky as Ukraine’s president. Putin could not immediately be reached for comment. It has reduced its dependence on foreign imports to avoid the effects of sanctions. However, sanctions will […]

Russia-Ukraine crisis

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is becoming particularly complex

The current issue has its roots in the deterioration of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed within the early 1990s, Ukraine, a previous Soviet nation, claimed the world’s third-largest atomic arms stockpile. The U.S helped Ukraine in denuclearizing. Russia grabbed the Ukrainian Locale and sponsored pro-Russian rebels within the locale of eastern Russia […]

eastern ukraine

As shelling erupts in eastern Ukraine and Russia conducts a nuclear simulation, tensions are rising.

Thousands of people were transported from eastern Ukraine as hundreds of artillery shells exploded along the frontier between the Ukrainian army and Russia-backed separatists on Sunday, increasing fears of a Russian invasion. On Saturday, Russia executed nuclear tests in Belarus and started to undertake naval activities off the coast of the Black Sea. For the […]