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Amy Adams and Bruce Willis nominated for ‘Razzies’ | free press

Actors can do without these awards: Amy Adams and Bruce Willis were nominated for the “Golden Raspberries”. Los Angeles. Six-time Oscar-nominated action star Bruce Willis (66) and Amy Adams (47, ‘American Hustle’) could receive Hollywood’s ridiculous awards at the end of March. The distributors of “Golden Raspberries” or “Razzies” announced the award nominations on Monday, […]

Crime scene chronicle: Judgment before the investigation?

Television thrillers with a sophisticated, well-constructed plot sometimes have something else falling apart in addition to various murder victims: logic. The attentive viewer also comes to this conclusion at the last Cologne WDR “Tatort”, “Four Years”, with the investigator duo Schenk (Dietmar Bär) and Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt). The actor Moritz Seitz (Thomas Heinze.. .

"fist"-Ballet: Mute Goethe with an opulent wink

It was one of the first “Well, yes” that also occurs in Saxony. But the ballet audience is particularly loyal anyway, so he filled all the authorized seats at the Leipzig Opera on Friday. The ballet “Faust”, which the choreographer Edward Clug presented in Zurich three years ago, was presented for the first time: the […]