Zoning board begins hearing Pilgrim Station permit appeal

Maybe the best thing would be to build a time machine and travel back to 1967 when the original permit to build Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station was built and ask for a do-over.

Instead, The Zoning Board of Appeals will wait until July 10 resume hearing the appeal of Entergy’s permit to build a dry cask storage facility at the power plant.

After over two hours of presentations by lawyers for both sides, board members were left with two distinct views of how it should interpret the intentions of their predecessors, who has the authority to decide what can be built at Pilgrim Station and what are the real intentions of the people who brought the appeal.

Take a look at this chart to understand each side’s position.

All information taken from testimony at the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting of July 12.

Attorneys Jim Lampert and Meg Sheehan for EcoLaw, Richard Serkey for Entergy, Elizabeth Lane for the Town of Plymouth.

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