The connected or smart home has evolved rapidly in recent years with a multitude of devices that we can add to our homes with which to perform very different actions.

This rapid evolution has been facilitated in part by cloud processing. Commands and computing power that are executed remotely to perform a seemingly simple action locally and absolutely require a ubiquitous internet connection.

This is what Samsung intends to change for its SmartThings platform with the evolution in which they are already working and which they have called SmartThings Edge, a new version that wants to put aside this “cloud” to perform the basic treatment of the locally connected home.

Processing in local hubs

Although few specific details were provided, the idea is that a communications hub or central home office be responsible for tracking user commands and processes, achieving faster response times, lower delays and thus a faster and more efficient response to the customer fulfilling our wishes.

As they commented, for the end user, there would be no change with the use of the control applications, only that the commands are executed locally regardless of the cloud, thus avoiding the permanent use of the network. and that we end up without service when we do not have an Internet connection.

The new SmartThings Edge connected home system will work with local networks and protocols such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, LAN networks and of course the new Matter standard which aims to unify the rest of the current protocols.

The idea sounds good, but if until now we have chosen to use the cloud, it is above all to lower costs for the end user, who avoided buying a powerful hub capable of handling data. commands, and also to simplify the deployment and control in part of the manufacturers.

Does Samsung’s new proposal mean that a new generation of low-cost hubs is coming soon or that they will be integrated into household appliances and televisions from its manufacturer? We will have to wait the next few months to meet him.

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