If we entered a page looking for smart bulbs, one of the alternatives we found were the OSRAM models, a recognized brand that will shut down servers that support its Lightify luminaires from tomorrow, which means they can no longer be controlled remotely.

OSRAM had Lightify as an alternative to other manufacturers such as Philips with Hue or the TP Link or Tapo models. Osram’s bulbs could be controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant, at least until tomorrow, where they can only be controlled if they are connected to local Wi-Fi and by the traditional method of flipping the switch.

They will only work over Wi-Fi if they are updated

This is news that the company announced through an official publication. Now is the time to shut down access to the cloud. This way, anyone who has a branded bulb and the Osram app installed on their mobile, iOS or Android, will no longer be able to control them remotely.

This does not mean that the bulbs stop working, which is not the case. They can continue to be used in the traditional way, with all these functions, as well as from the home itself since they are connected to the home network.

OSRAM uses the ZigBee protocol in its lamps, with models that can still be found in stores and with which it could be operated by voice command and connected to the cloud. With the shutdown of the servers, this is becoming a thing of the past. Additionally, Osram has reported that it is discontinuing application support and firmware updates for Lightify gateways.

In the statement, they inform that it is necessary to take two steps to keep the bulbs working without problems.

Download the latest version of the Lightify app, equal to or greater than 2.1.0 Download the latest update for the Hun (gateway) equal or greater than

The Hub must be updated through a cloud account before September 1 to continue functioning after the cloud is no longer functional, which affects models that have not been updated in the past 4 years. This update recommendation refers exactly to Lightify gateways with a firmware version lower than

OSRAM had already abandoned its connected lighting system, after five years ago it passed into the hands of the company Ledvance, which developed its own range of products with the Smart + range, models that also connect directly to home Wi-Fi without the need for a Hub.

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