– Everyone is surprised to know the reason

In the African country of Nigeria, a man has been forced to marry his girlfriend. This is because his girlfriend died suddenly. However, his body was later buried. But the corpse is thrown out and the young priest is asked to marry her.

It is a different matter that Protestant priests are allowed to marry.

Now it happened that Dr. Ameka, who lives in a town in Nigeria, also works as a pastor. He fell in love with a young woman named Sioma. This love affair lasted for five years, during which the girl became pregnant. So the priest said to the girl, ‘I have brought abortion pills. If I take it, there will be a miscarriage.

However, the pastor did not know at the time what side effects the pills would have.

Shortly after taking the bullet, the girl lost consciousness and died instantly. Later his body was buried as per tradition. However, later the girl’s parents came to know about the incident. The pastor admitted that she had given abortion pills but had no idea that such a result would come. So the girl’s parents told her, “If you’re ready to marry her corpse, we’ll forgive you.” The priest got ready. The corpse was taken out of the grave and the priest had to marry the corpse. This has been said in a report of ‘Daily-Star’.