WhatsApp is slowly revamping its popular email client. In recent months, we’ve been seeing how it redesigns its interface, adds more rounded chat bubbles, or changes the colors of the app. Well, in the latest beta of WhatsApp, it’s voicemail messages.

WhatsApp Beta is gradually activating a new design for its audio recorder, which launches two important changes, one of them being a feature that has been in high demand for years.

This is the new WhatsApp audio recorder

The first novelty that we find is the new interface of the recorder, which now during recording shows some vocal waves in order to visually warn the user that he is recording correctly by detecting the sound. Not like before which only showed the duration of the recording.

The second novelty, and the most important, is that we can now stop recording. This will allow us to listen to the voicemail message before sending it, because after stopping the recording, the audio playback option will appear. Thus, we no longer have to do the trick of listening to the audio note before sending it.

This new interface will only appear when we block the recording of the audio note by sliding our finger upwards, showing this new sound wave design and the new option to stop and listen to the audio. If we record a voice message by keeping our finger pressed, it will continue with the same interface and the same behavior.

Apparently, WhatsApp Beta in its version gradually activates this new feature, which may take days to reach your account, or weeks if you have the stable version of WhatsApp installed.

Via | WABetaInfo
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