It took a long time, but finally one of the functions most expected by many users has come true. WhatsApp can now be used on multiple devices simultaneously. It is the long awaited multi-device support of WhatsApp that has started to reach the first users and therefore you can activate it.

WhatsApp’s multi-device mode can already be tested by anyone in the beta program. A support that allows us to link our mobile with up to four additional devices (for the moment, mobile phones do not enter) to be able to continue using WhatsApp and continue chatting.

Chat from the PC with the mobile off

Support for multiple devices is now available on a trial basis in the beta version of WhatsApp. After a long wait, this feature reaches the first users who use the application and who have been chosen by the company. These users can already chat from the PC with the mobile turned off through the browser, because for the moment, the support for using it on other mobiles is not supported.

To check if you are already one of those who already have multi-device support, simply go to “Settings” then enter the “Linked devices” (or WhatsApp Web) section and check if the new option “Use WhatsApp in other devices” appears. If it appears, simply scan the code that appears on

Once linked, all you need to do is access this link and we’ll see how all of our chats appear. In addition, and for the most vigilant in terms of security, WhatsApp informs that our chats are not stored in the cloud and that they will be end-to-end encrypted on all our devices. After 14 days of inactivity, the device is disconnected for security reasons.

If we already have access to multi-device mode, we can continue to chat with our contacts even if the mobile is turned off. Not like now, that the mobile must be connected to be able to synchronize with our WhatsApp.

For now, this option is only available to those who are part of the WhatsApp beta, but it is expected that over the next few weeks we will see a gradual rollout and multi-device support for WhatsApp. will start to happen bit by bit. .users until it is extended by the end of the year to all users.