Among all of WhatsApp’s privacy settings, we will soon find a new option related to temporary messages that self-destruct every week. Thanks to the latest beta of WhatsApp, we have new clues about its “disappearance mode”.

The first time that the “disappearance mode” was revealed was in May, via a beta version of iOS, a new mode that Zuckerberg himself confirmed last June and which we have not heard from until. ‘until today. WhatsApp Beta for Android is now finalizing the launch of this new privacy setting.

This is the disappearance mode

So far, WhatsApp allows us to activate temporary messages in our chats and groups, but we have to go conversation by conversation so that our conversations self-destruct after seven days. Currently, WhatsApp does not allow us to enable temporary messages by default for all chats, and that is precisely what this “disappearance mode” will do.

The user will be able to activate temporary messages for all their new chats from their privacy settings. To do this, they will have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy and activate this “disappearance mode” whose name in English is “disappearance mode”.

As described in this future setting, it will only enable temporary messages by default for all new chats, so enabling this option will not affect existing chats. It looks like the conversations will need to be deleted first.

As we see in the previous screenshot, enabling “disappearance mode” will notify us and our contacts that messages will disappear for everyone within 7 days of being sent. Thus, if someone manages to access our conversations, they will not be able to read the messages for more than a week.

The “disappearance mode” is expected to arrive on WhatsApp Beta in the coming weeks. According to Zuckerberg, this feature throughout this year.

Via | WABetaInfo
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