You can now use Edge to read Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and you don’t need to install Office on your PC

Edge keeps gaining in functions all the time and if we have already seen how it can render functions so that we can use it perfectly as a PDF document reader, now is the time to use it as a viewer for Microsoft Word files, PowerPoint and Excel thanks to “Office Viewer”.

Three of the most popular applications in the Office ecosystem and their documents will be accessible from Edge thanks to “Office Viewer”. Chromium based browsers i.e. Edge and Google Chrome can benefit from this extension and thus we can see the documents without having to download them.

Edge as Office document reader

Until now, we had an Office extension that allows us to access Office files from the browser. The difference is that “Office Viewer” is an improvement that Microsoft integrates directly into the browser and does not require extensions.

With this function, we can have access to reading spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and documents directly in the browser, without having to download them. A tool available on Edge 92 in Dev Channel.

The feature is compatible with both Windows and macOS versions of Edge, although in this case we haven’t seen it enabled yet. To use it, you need Edge Dev 92.0.873.1 or later. Of course, you may need to activate it first by following these steps:

Go to “Settings” in Edge with the three dots in the upper left area of ​​the screen and click on the “Downloads” option. At this point, we should see the option “Quickly show Office files on the web with Office Viewer”, which we need to activate by marking the tab as “Activate”.

This way and thanks to Office Viewer, you will not have to download the attachments that you receive with Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. Edge will be enough to be able to read them without having to download them on your PC. Unlike the Office extension we already knew, “Office Viewer” does not open files saved in OneDrive and OneDrive from the PC.

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