In August 2020, YouTube started testing PiP mode on iOS, enabled it temporarily, and to date it has not been widely extended to all users, as 9to5mac reported. Despite the fact that the feature still does not arrive as it should, any user can experimentally activate it starting today, as long as they pay for YouTube Premium. We tell you how to do it.

Activate YouTube PiP mode

To activate YouTube’s PiP mode on iOS you must be a Premium subscriber, if we use the free service we will not be able to take advantage of this function, which is reserved for paid accounts. One of the perks of being premium is the ability to try out new experimental features, including the long-awaited PiP mode.

It is necessary to activate the function from, as it is still experimental and is not extended

The first thing we will need to do is go to and try it out, so that the feature is enabled on our iPhone. Keep in mind that only one experimental feature can be tested simultaneously, so if you had another one active, you will need to quit the test to experience YouTube Premium in PiP mode.

Image 9to5mac

Once we have activated the option, we just have to go back to start while playing a video (swipe the gesture on the iPhone with gestures or press the central physical button on the ‘iPhone with Touch ID). The video will continue to play in a window that we can move around, with pause / play and rewind / forward controls. In short:

Open (only for YouTube Premium subscribers) Look for the “Picture in Picture for iOS” option Click on “Try” Open any video in the YouTube for iOS app Go back to the desktop of your iPhone while the video is playing

Concretely, we will be able to test this function until October 31. From that date the feature should grow stably, although there is no guarantee that we won’t have to wait a bit longer. Anyway, everything indicates that this function will be only for Premium users, although in the United States the PiP mode is set up for users of free accounts, with ads, yes.