A few days ago we saw how WhatsApp Web, the messaging service for accessing the platform through the browser, was updated and already allowed sending messages without needing to connect the phone: it is multi-device mode. An improvement that now comes from the WhatsApp application for Windows.

Now, if we have the latest version of the WhatsApp app downloadable from Microsoft Store, we can use WhatsApp even if the phone is not connected to the network. We can send and receive messages with the mobile even turned off or in airplane mode.

Send messages with the mobile turned off

This is the main improvement of an update that can already be downloaded from this link in the Microsoft Store. This is an option that is available in the beta version, the one responsible for testing possible bugs before they reach the global version and can affect a large number of users, although it has also been released in testing. of the stable version.

The ability to send messages offline is the main claim, but not the only one we’ll find in this update. And it is with this change that others are coming to a UWP based app, like notifications despite app closing and renewed writing panel.

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The new app continues to have familiar features like end-to-end message and call encryption so that no one can access our data.

The new WhatsApp for Windows app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store from this link. The beta version is numbered 2.2144.7.0 while the stable version is numbered 2.2142.12

WhatsApp beta

Download it from: Microsoft Store Price: Free Category: Social networks


Download it from: Microsoft Store Price: Free Category: Social networks

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