One of the features we’re used to in the Netflix app is “Continue Watching.” An option that allows us to always have at hand the content that we see but that can sometimes be annoying if it is something that does not interest us. That changes now, also on Android TV.

Now, Netflix is ​​changing this feature so that users can remove content from the list. A change that reaches the interface of Netflix and Android TV and Google TV, so that it is equated with the platform’s web applications for mobile phones.

The best organized content

This is a user requested change. Being able to remove content from the “Continue Watching” section when we are not interested in continuing to watch a show, series, movie… is something practical when we start watching something and then we are no longer interested.

Content that appears in “Continue Watching” may be removed from the Netflix app for Android TV and Google TV. A change that, after the test phase, reaches all users.

To be able to delete content so that it does not appear in “Continue watching”, it is enough to enter the respective information screen of the series, documentary, film… and use the “Remove” menu from “Continue Watching”.

It appears between the “Audio and subtitles” and “Add to my list” sections. In addition, in case of pressing by mistake, we have a few seconds of margin to undo the modifications.

In this way, the organization of content is facilitated, since we no longer need to go to the Netflix activity history from the web and manually delete what interests us.

Televisions with Android TV and Google TV thus join other platforms, in the case of the web version and applications for mobile phones and tablets in which this option has been present for a long time.

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