you can now mute the microphone and camera with a key combination

One of the most interesting resources we can use on Windows is Microsoft’s PowerToys. A series of tools to improve the capacity of teams and all at the cost of minimal resources. A tool that we have already talked about on other occasions and which is now updated to version 0.36.

Available on GitHub, the latest update brings the app to version 0.36 and offers a big improvement for the video conferencing utility, as it adds the ability to mute the microphone and turn off the webcam with a combination of keys.

Mute the sound of the camera and microphone

The new version can now be downloaded from Github or through the automatic updates of PowerToys if you have already installed them. An update that adds the ability to turn off the microphone and camera using a combination of keys.

This improvement is complementary to the options already available to the equipment to deactivate these systems. The difference is that now, with this update, these functions are disabled at the system level, no matter what program we use for video calls.

The user can configure in the PowerToys settings that both devices are turned off simultaneously or that the camera and microphone are turned off separately depending on the user’s needs.

This is one of the improvements, the most important, but not the only one, because it now allows us to show an image that we have created, which is shown to other participants instead of the camera image as soon as it is off. . This way you can create an image that calls for example “I’ll be back right away”.

The developers advise that after the changes are applied to the PowerToys, it may be necessary to restart the program used for video calls so that the overlay image can be applied. Additionally, PowerToys must be running in administrator mode for the new functionality to be used.

PowerToys version 0.36 can be found and downloaded from this link on GitHub.

Via | DR.Windows

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