You can now download the beta version of Edge 91 for iOS, a version that will match the functionality of Edge on Android and computers.

A few days ago, we saw how Microsoft Edge arrived on the Dev Channel on the Google Play Store. Android already had the stable version, Canary and Dev, while iOS was still waiting, at least until now, since Microsoft already has the beta ready for Apple’s mobile operating system.

Microsoft wants to offer its Unified Edge browser to iOS users, a version of Edge that will use a common codebase for mobile and desktop devices. We will have to wait until the end of this year, but measures are underway.

Edge Beta is coming to iOS

And if yesterday we saw how the Beta Channel version reached Linux, today we have to talk about the Beta version for iOS, which, as usual, can be downloaded from the Test Flight app. From this link you can apply to be part of the testing program.

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Edge will have the same codebase for mobile and desktop apps which will impact higher efficiency as the same function can be enabled at the same time for different platforms. In this way, all versions can have the same characteristics and the same design.

In the case of iOS, the renderer is still WebKit (this is the base engine for Safari and other lesser-known web browsers), but the codebase has been updated and already offers the available functions. for Android and desktop applications.

The version of Microsoft Edge 91 for iOS, coincides with the desktop version and is one step ahead of the version that we can download from the App Store. A version that has a new reading mode, an improved interface and access to experimental options with the “Flags” menu.

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You can sign up for the beta of Edge 91 on iOS from this link with Test Flight, an app that you then need to install on your phone in order to download beta versions of the apps.

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