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Two weeks ago Microsoft launched the Edge Canary app for Android and a few hours ago the Redmond-based company launched the Dev Channel version for mobile with the Google operating system, bringing the versions one step closer. of the three channels on Android. . use on Windows and macOS.

Edge in the dev channel is a step behind Canary and so, while in the latter it already has version 92, in Dev it is still using version 91, so there are functions that are not yet implemented.

Edge Dev on Android

Edge in the Dev Channel on Android follows the same steps as those observed in Windows 10. A step backwards, with fewer new features, but in return it offers greater stability, since its operation has already been tested in the Canary Channel.

Other differences refer to the frequency of updates and therefore, while Edge Canary is updated daily on all platforms, in the case of Edge Dev, the updates are weekly. This is the middle step before Edge Beta, which has one update per month.

If you want to try Edge on Android and want a version halfway between the most advanced with Canary and the stable version, Edge Dev may be the more interesting option. In addition, and as in the other two versions, you can synchronize your Microsoft account and thus access your favorites, the browsing history … just like in the stable version.

You can download Edge Dev from this link on the Google Play Store. You can also get Edge in the stable version and with the Canary version, being able to install all three and use them at the same time without a problem.

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