you can now download it from the google play store

We’ve talked about the Canary version of Edge a number of times. This is the way that allows you to test, before anyone else, the improvements that will later reach the stable version of Edge. An option available to macOS and Windows users now comes from Android.

And is that the Redmond-based company launched the app to access Edge testing in the App Store. We can now download Edge in the Canary Channel from Google Play to start testing the new features from mobile.

Test the news before everyone else

Available for now only on Android until iOS, Edge Canary offers the same benefits we have already experienced in its eponymous desktop systems.

And as with the desktop version, Edge Canary will be updated daily, which is one of the differences with the Dev Channel version, which gets a weekly update or the Beta Channel, with a monthly update. This is the same treatment that Chrome Canary receives.

The browser has a slightly improved user interface compared to the existing version of Edge, but with the logo we will see that the version number also changes, which in this case is 91.0.858.0 instead of the 46.03 .24.5155 version of the stable version.

The app can be downloaded from this link.

Edge Canary

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