If you have a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker at home, like a Nest Mini, you’ve probably wanted to turn it off immediately more than once. To do this, you had to say “Hey Google” and then give the order to stop. Now, it is no longer necessary to say “Hey Google” beforehand.

Google announced the novelty by which by saying Stop when the Assistant speaks, it will stop speaking. This feature is now available if you use the English Assistant on smart speakers and displays.


There are times when it feels like Google Assistant has been liquidated. Maybe he misunderstood you and started answering something that wasn’t your question, maybe he’s playing music and a song you hate is playing, or other similar situations. At that point, the usual thing is to start yelling at the assistant to pay attention to you, and they don’t always pay you much attention.

To silence the Assistant, you first need it to listen to you, which means saying Hey Google or Ok Google on duty. Now this is no longer necessary, as the assistant will also listen for the stop command while speaking. By saying Stop, the Assistant is immediately silent, without asking any questions.

📣 Helpful alert on new Google Assistant feature! Want your smart display or speaker to stop talking? Just say “stop”, no need for #HeyGoogle.

— Google (@Google) January 25, 2022

The “bad” news is that at the moment it only works in English, so if the assistant tells you a joke in Spanish and you tell him to stop, he won’t stop until you say “pare” or “stop”: You must continue to say Hey Google before. We hope that support for other languages ​​will be added soon.

This response to specific commands without the involvement of Hey Google is part of the new trend of quick phrases that are activated at specific times for specific actions, such as “turn off the alarm” when an alarm sounds. The Shut Down command only works on smart speakers and displays, not if you’re using the Assistant on mobile.

Through | AndroidPolice