you can now customize the text using bold, italics and underlines

You may have used Microsoft Forms on occasion. A tool launched to resist the growing diffusion of Google Apps and the increased presence of Apple in the education sector. A utility which is now improving by acquiring the possibility of formatting the texts that we enter.

With Microsoft Forms, users can answer questionnaires. In this way and in a very short time, the creation of surveys with open or multiple questions, the possibility of establishing classifications … and the possibility of displaying the results in the form of graphs is facilitated.

Italics, bold and underline

Microsoft Forms is a bet to promote the use of the cloud in educational environments. We’ve seen how Forms has been integrated into OneNote and now with this improvement they want you to gain more personalization and potential.

Text formatting capabilities are here, an improvement that makes it easier for users to design professional-looking surveys and quizzes. An improvement that has started to roll out to Office 365 subscribers.

Forms users can now use bold, italic, or underlined text with the text they add. The objective is to facilitate the differentiation and the enhancement of the segments of the text to improve the comprehension of the whole.

To test this function, all you have to do is open the questionnaire whose text we want to format and highlight the chosen area with the mouse. Then we can choose the option of underline, italics or bold from the floating toolbar or use one of the following commands:

CTRL / Cmd + B to use bold type CTRL / Cmd + I to use italic type CTRL / Cmd + U to use underline type

The capacity of dar formato al texto will be una funcionalidad que viene establecida por defecto para todos los usuarios de Microsoft Forms, so well that sooner in verla como available debido that Microsoft la está implantando de forma gradual, hoping that it will be completed in finals of May.


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