you can now customize the layout of cells and tables with colors

A few hours ago, Microsoft announced new features that come from Excel but from the web version. This is a series of improvements that have reached the online version or will soon be in an attempt to bring functionality closer to what the desktop version offers.

The utility for creating online hours of calculation is intended to be more powerful and thus, for example, a new mini-toolbar has been added similar to that of other applications of the Office series or the possibility of customizing them. cells can now be drawn better or deleted to showcase them better.

Custom cells and tables

The goal of this improvement announced on the support page is to help people create more personal and consistent spreadsheets. In this sense, they have added two new options to customize the worksheets.

On the one hand, a new color palette has been added to be able to change the appearance of cells as we like and a new gallery with cell styles has also been incorporated in the online version.

In the first case, all you have to do is click on the “more colors” option then choose a specific color with the cursors or, if you prefer, enter hexadecimal or RGB values. On the other hand, the gallery of styles allows you to select fonts, number formats, cell borders and shadows.

Cells are now easier to delineate with new options for drawing borders, drawing border grids, and erasing borders.

Moving on to tables, Microsoft added four new functions such as the ability to format all data as a table, the ability to add a whole row to the table and the corresponding table styles more easily, and to change the name of the table. ‘a table more easily.

These enhancements are already available and Microsoft has also announced that it will offer the print option for Excel online, although this is a possibility not yet activated.

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