Telegram continues to move forward at a good pace and the last major update we receive is the one for version 7.9. In it, Android users (and also iOS users, of course) will get a slew of cool new features that were already popular in the beta but are now available to everyone.

To be a “minor” release, the truth is that Telegram 7.9 packs in a number of interesting new features, although the one that stands out the most is its ability to make and broadcast video calls. Yes, you read that right, issue them. We can now organize video calls with 29 other participants besides ourselves and broadcast them to a maximum of 1000 viewers.

You talk 1000 people see you

As we mentioned, we can now organize video calls with a maximum of 30 participants simultaneously. We can share our video image or the mobile screen as if we were in a desktop application, but we will also be able to broadcast our video calls. A useful function which can be for giving seminars, fan group chats and other functions.

These video calls can be viewed by up to 1000 participants, we will just need to share the public link and they will just click on it to join the live call. Of course, only as listeners, nothing to participate. Video calls for up to 30 people with an interesting audience.

In addition to this functionality, Telegram 7.9 adds other no less interesting ones like the improvements of video messages, the video add-in for voice notes which now increase their resolution, allowing them to be zoomed in, and can now zoom in during the session. herself. registration. You can also record the sound of the mobile itself, moreover, which will no longer cut off during recording.

With Telegram 7.9 come the different playback speeds for videos, which we can now expand up to 2X, or slow motion to 0.2x which only works on Android. We also have custom sized brushes for doodling on the photos we share, screen sharing with sound, and more animated emojis to add to the total roster.

Other changes that appear are the timestamp links to share the exact moments of the videos, the new automatic deletion of messages once every month since they are read, new animations and security improvements. Compared to the latter, Telegram will prompt you to use two-step authentication if you aren’t using it already. Everything comes with Telegram 7.9.