Some countries are starting to see how normal is returning to our lives after the pandemic. But it still shows that our mental health after what happened has been affected. To our mind, what we have been through has not been a bed of roses and may have resulted in anxiety, depression or discouragement.

Yana is a proposal that comes from Mexico in the form of an application for iOS, with the idea of ​​being a kind of “coach” that helps us to record our mood, to identify our emotions and to obtain tools to improve mental health.

Record of encouragement, gratitude and routines

The application realizes simple communication with the user in the form of a chat interface, so that everyone learns to use it easily and to choose between giving a predetermined response by the application or writing a response at their convenience. .

The registry can be integrated through Apple, so no data needs to be shared. You can even choose the option of calling yourself “Human”, so you don’t even give your name. Good idea for a service that looks at personal issues like mental health.

Yana covers several approaches and you can choose one: fight anxiety, reduce stress, control our moments of anger, or learn to improve our relationships with others. The app already makes it clear that it does not replace any psychologist or control acute crisis situations, but at least it helps with short daily conversations.

There are also other useful sections, such as routines, which help you build healthy habits; or a “trunk” in which you write things down daily for which you are grateful and which you usually overlook because you take them for granted. A calendar that maintains our overall mood also helps us see what our attitude is over long periods of time.

Yana is therefore an application to turn to if you plan to devote five minutes a day to her and put in a little willpower to follow her instructions. From there, you can better manage your emotions or be more clear about the need to turn to a professional. If with the pandemic you realize that you are not having your best time, this maybe can help. But I insist: you have to devote a few minutes to it every day if you want to see its benefits.

You can use all sections (although with some limitations) of Yana free of charge for 14 days. If after this period you wish to continue, you must subscribe to the service for 5.99 euros per month, 21.99 euros per semester or 34.99 euros per year (it costs 2.91 euros per month). You have it available in the App Store.