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Yakult hitting line explosion!Okugawa’s good throw & first G slash

Second year pitcher Yasunobu Okugawa (20) pitched for the first time in the Giants game. He scored his fourth win (2 losses) with 6 hits and 3 runs in the 6th inning.

Okugawa said, “There were so many players with names in the first Giants game, so I was a little conscious of it. The top players are the ones I’ve been watching on TV for a long time, so I was very conscious.” Innocent comment.

There were 7 home runs and 14 points in the team’s Thai record, including 2 shots by Murakami and Santana, and he said, “It was easy for the fielders to make the rhythm and throw it. Rather the opposite. Okugawa’s walks are zero, and it can be said that the fast-paced pitching that preceded the strike caused a big explosion in the batting line.

Director Takatsu said, “I think I had a lot of thoughts in the Giants game, but it was a pitching that showed great growth in the first half of the game. There must have been a response inside, and it is necessary to continue this in the second half of the race. “

In the draft two years ago, there was competition with Yakult, Giants, and Hanshin, and Takatsu won the lottery and Hara removed it. The giant, who gave confidence to the future Swallow Ace, had no choice but to mourn the bad luck of the lottery.


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