When it comes to improving home Wi-Fi coverage, we can improve router placement, find out where there is interference from neighbors, choose the most suitable channel and its bandwidth. And if we still can’t do it, we can pull accessories in the form of Mesh networks, Powerline adapters with integrated WiFi or extenders like this one from Xiaomi.

And if that is your option, you might be interested to know that you can now get the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Range Extender Pro Repeater/Extender at a very low price, since it now has its historical minimum price on Amazon, where it is from 7.99 euros. .

Wi-Fi signal everywhere in the house

In general, the price of the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Extender Pro is 12.99 euros, but at the moment you will find it almost half price: 7.99 euros on Amazon and MediaMarkt.

This model allows you to boost the coverage of your home Wi-Fi in the 2.4 Ghz band. It is a simple device to use, since even by connecting it to an outlet and configuring it from the application to reach up to 300 Mbps of data transfer speed.

To achieve its purpose, it has two external antennas to increase the range, allows the connection of up to 24 devices and offers coverage between 80 and 150 square meters.

It is compatible with virtually all Wi-Fi routers, regardless of brand. It offers support for connecting up to 64 devices, so we can use it without any problem with home automation accessories such as bulbs, sockets, speakers… It is easily managed and configured through the application for mobile devices.

You can now get it for 7.99 euros on Amazon and MediaMarkt

Xiaomi MI WiFi Repeater Range Extender Pro300mbps repeaterup to 64 devicesTwo powerful external antennasplug-and-play